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To gift something to the person having his birthday is a tradition followed from time immemorial. It is a tradition worth its weight as the birthday boy or girl deserves all the attention & gifts that come his way that special day. It is a day that only comes once in a person's life, so it is fully justified to celebrate it as if there is no tomorrow. Celebrate someones birthday with special offerings from flaberry which will both surprise the recipient & give him a reason to smile.



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4.5 164 5

Timely delivery, loved it!

11 December 2019 Mumbai

It was a very wonderful experience and for the FIRST TIME for me. Delivered in time and packaged nicely, at such a short notice. Thank you. Will recommend your name to my friends. Colonel Isenhower

02 December 2019 Ernakulam

its amazing you delivered smile in the person who means a lot to me just i want to say is please first check whether there is availability for that location or not then go for the payment..thank you

03 November 2019 Tirunelveli

01 November 2019 Kanpur Nagar

Excelent gift to Mr. Patt from ur app

29 November 2019 Pune

Wonderful service, prompt and on time

02 October 2019 Kollam

Delivery was on time no issues at all.

06 September 2019 Ganganagar

I got a message saying the chosen flowers are not available and they will be sending something else but straight after I got a message that they have been able to source them and I also got a full refund on the order. Great service. Will always be using these guys from now on.

27 August 2019 Ludhiana

We deal in all kinds of gifts related to birthday festivities & work round the clock for your experience to be memorable. Take a look at the best of our offerings to be given during birthday celebrations: -


Personalized Vases – Vases look very beautiful on their own. But when they are customized by some special memories, the feelings, memories & nostalgia they induce even after a long period of time. Gift personalized vases to celebrate someone’s anniversary of coming into the world.


Plants – Plants inspire us to grow big even with a small start. They teach us the value of preserving, nurturing & breaking out of the mold. Present beautiful plants to someone you want to achieve greater things in life.


Flower Bouquet – A bouquet of beautiful flowers is a perfect creation to be given to somebody. They are great to look at, induce cheer & liveliness in us & spread their mesmerizing fragrance to fill us with joy. Present a flower bouquet to your loved ones having birthdays & fill their day with delight.


Chocolate Bouquet – Anything made of chocolate is not going out of vogue anytime soon . Such is the craze of chocolates the world over that a bouquet full of chocolates would surely make the occasion an overly joyful one for the recipient. Gift chocolate bouquets as a birthday present to your loved ones & prepare for adulation.


Cakes – Imagine a birthday party with all required arrangements in place, but just lacking in one thing. If that thing were anything else, it wouldn’t matter. But if the cake is missing from a birthday party, it will cease to be a Birthday party from that moment. Select amazing birthday cakes & send them to your dear ones having birthdays.

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