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We know that adapting to this New Normal can be really triggering for some of us but we are in this together and will definitely come out stronger. Keeping in touch with your loved ones is really important these days and one of the best ways of doing that is sending a bunch of Fresh and Vibrant Flowers with a special note.

Now the question is how sending flowers can bring happiness?

Imagine that you are having one of those days when nothing goes right and suddenly you hear the doorbell. On the other side of the door is a human standing with a bunch of vibrant flowers specially handpicked for you sent by one of your dear friends. Isn't it just the best surprise?? The smile on your face after holding those flowers is what the world needs right now!! A little more happiness and a little less loneliness. After all its social distancing, not social isolation. Let your loved ones know how much you care about them and how badly you miss their wide smile by sending them a virtual hug wrapped in some long-stem freshly picked flowers. We at Flaberry aspire to be your partners in crime in this as your wish is our command and have the widest collection of Roses, Carnations, Lilies, Tulips, Orchids and Cakes to help you order online the best flower bouquets and gifts.

Why Flaberry?

Our ingenious process of procurement

Flaberry is the only company in India that procures flowers straight from the farm and deliver to your home with the utmost safety following a strong Farm to Table Model.

Let’s dig deep and understand the difference between traditional process and our process and how are we different.

The traditional process begins with the farm where the flowers are procured. This is followed by the auction centre in the vicinity of farms. Here, the flowers are auctioned, after which they reach the distributors in the city of the auction centre. This is followed by the flower mandi in different cities where they are sold to the flower retailers.

Once the flower retailers purchase them, they are provided to potential customers. Ultimately, this process consumes ample time and as you can rightly imagine the time-consuming process extracts the freshness from the flowers and is heavy on your pocket too!

But at Flaberry, the flowers are hand-picked from the farms and sent straight to the Flaberry warehouse where we arrange them uniquely for our customers. Eventually, these fresh flowers are delivered to the customers instantly to make them bloom with joy. This is how we manage to stand out like no other.

Flowers that promise durability

Flowers that live long, foster joy for longer.” Since flowers are a symbol of positivity, happiness and good vibes, we want to make sure that nothing comes in between that. However, when flowers lose this charm, the whole meaning of owning them is rendered in vain.

We at Flaberry believe in the efficacy of these statements and that is what drives us to deliver flowers that serve durability. By scrapping out the traditional system of procuring flowers, we aim at a rapid procurement process that increases the shelf life of the exotic flowers we offer. At every level of procurement, our team of professional florists draw enhanced focus on the freshness of flowers to keep them live longer. For every flower, we use a different method of keeping their freshness intact. The improved process of obtaining these flowers within two to three days of hand-picking promises a 100% longer shelf life as compared to what’s available in the market today.

At our warehouses, we have a separate team of caretakers who are responsible for maintaining the durability of the flowers. By applying innovative techniques to keep the flowers smiling, we succeed in increasing their shelf life for you. This is how all our clients are presented with the most beautiful fresh flowers they have ever seen. As a result, anyone who opts for flowers at our stop is sure to avail of the best flowers they can find anywhere else.

We let the flowers do the talking

Flowers can convey a thousand words that the heart cannot confess.” As we value this thought, we at Flaberry make sure to avail the most envious collection of flower arrangements for you. Hence, Flaberry owns its warehouses in numerous major cities across India with a colossal team of experts.

Each Flaberry warehouse consists of a highly diligent team of experts who brainstorm towards creating the most innovative flower arrangements for you. Timely conferences are held to strategize the diverse ways of creating flower arrangements that leave the beholder awe-struck, in true sense, we spend hours on end in attempting to make your face light up. The flowers arranged artistically are delivered to your doorstep from our own fleet of Delivery Boys armed with all necessary Covid 19 precautions.

In the places where we don’t have our own warehouse presence we have partnered with the best merchant in the local city providing them with all the collaterals, guidelines and knowhow to make the best arrangements for you because you and your loved one deserve the best! Right now, our team consists of over 2500 leading merchants across India who enables us to come to your rescue for giving fresh flowers daily.

The best-ever designer arrangements for you

At Flaberry, we aim at crafting exclusive flower arrangements that mesmerize the beholder like never before. Our intricate designs, innovative strategies and exotic flower décor make us who we are today. To make this vision turn into reality, we collaborate with the best designers across the globe who launch ecstatic designs during different seasons for you. Recently, our team of expert professionals has collaborated with the famous Italian designer, Vittoria Moroni who helps us to launch out-of-the-box flower collections each season for you.

The limited-edition collection from his designs is sure to spread vibrance and positivity everywhere you go. The signature collection comes in a diverse range of cyan boxes that contain exotic flowers from all over the globe. Each flower arrangement comes with a complimentary gift card where you can pen down your thoughts for those who you want to gift this product.

Our collaboration with this excellent designer has always enabled us to make our clients buzz with excitement. The exclusive flower arrangements that we design together are delivered to them at hand down prices that are rare to find anywhere else. This is what makes all our customers come back for more. From Valentine’s Day, birthday, anniversaries to corporate events, we design flower arrangements for all occasions. Name it and, we have it for you!

We deliver services all across India

At Flaberry, we do not just offer the best gifts, we also help you to get them to your doorstep as well. Since we value your action-packed routine, our team of experts lend a helping hand by delivering your favourite flowers and cakes to your doorstep right on time. Today, we deliver the gifts to our potential clients across 500 different cities in India free-of-cost. Mumbai, Kolkata, Kochi, Coimbatore, Hyderabad are some of the cities where we lend our hands-down services to you.

This encourages our team members to avail themselves of all our beloved clients and serve them devotedly when in need.

As our team of professionals gather to simplify the process of helping gifts to arrive at your doorstep, we also strive to make your shopping experience more convenient. With an envious collection of flower arrangements, cakes, combos, chocolates, to name a few, we aim at delivering all your favourite gifts to your doorstep with a pint of love. Such services help us to form a deeper connection with our customers and serve them endlessly.

Under our roof, we serve a myriad variety of cakes that range from Chocolate, Pineapple, Butterscotch, strawberry to Black Forest cakes. Similarly, our flower collection boasts an unending list that contains Gerberas, roses, lilies, orchids, carnations and many more. Each of these products is crafted into the most creative gifts that leave our clients wanting more. All our services are delivered at cost-effective rates that speak for our passion for crafting the best gifts for you.

We are here for you- anytime, anywhere

Our beloved clients are our top priority. Their requirements, demands and urgencies are our ultimate goals to cater to. This is the reason why Flaberry boasts a team of delivery men who help provide deliverables to our client’s doorstep, even at midnight.

Whether you are looking for quick delivery of cakes or flowers, our Flaberry experts are available anytime, anywhere. Our team of professionals offer both same day and midnight delivery so that you can sit back and relax while we do all the work for you. No matter the celebration and occasion, our delivery men avail themselves to you as per your demands.

At our Warehouse, all deliveries are accepted two hours before it so that we can bring all your celebratory needs down to your doorstep. You can count on our team for any last-minute celebrations. We promise we will be there. All you have to do is get in touch to grab our services instantly. Over the years, we have delivered gifts to innumerable clients at midnight to help them beat hindrances.

Some of the massive occasions on which we avail our free-hands delivery include, Diwali, Bhai Dooj Christmas, New Year and even Women's Day. We also offer our services during other occasions such as Ganesh Puja, Durga Puja and Eid. During this time, you can also avail of incredible deals and discounts on your favourites purchases right away. So, the next time you are looking for instant free-hand delivery services, you know where to head to!

Digital gifts to make you bloom with joy

In this world of digitalization, the world is switching from reality to the virtual world behind the screens. Flaberry understands this necessity of life and thus has stepped up to contribute to it whole-heartedly. By providing digital gifts such as video call surprises, Kids party virtually, digital, personalized caricature and tarot reading for couples, we aim at going a long way.

As an exclusive gifting shop in the digital era, our experts are creating innovative ideas for digital surprises to make your favourite people bloom with joy. Whether you want to celebrate your long-distance love or birthday with your best people, our affordable digital gifts will do the job for you instantly. We also offer to get well soon guitar tunes virtually for those who are not well. Father’s Day gifts, birthday gifts and anniversary gifts as well, are a part of this list.

Our potential digital gifts are delivered to customers right on time so that they can make the most of it. No matter what occasion you wish to celebrate, with our gifts, they are sure to become your best-ever. So, if you are worried about living far away from us, don’t worry. We still have numerous ways to stay close to you, even from a distance.

Do not forget to get in touch with us for all your digital gifting needs. Let us make all your celebrations brighter and happier with a pint of effort. After all, you are worth it!

Celebrate all your favourite occasions stress-free

Gifts are the door to people’s emotions. It is a way of enhancing the bonds and celebrating them. At Flaberry, we recognize the importance of gifts and the value it holds in people’s lives. This is why, under our roof, we offer a variant of gifts for diverse occasions. Whether you are looking for a birthday gift for a friend or an anniversary present for your parents, we have it all for you.

At our stop, our professional experts leave no stone unturned in crafting creative gifts that leave a lasting impression of you in people’s eyes. Cakes, Flower bouquet, chocolates and other digital gifts are some of the various gifts that we avail for this purpose. These gifts also guide you in delivering happiness to people with a pint of love. Thus, on each purchase of our gifts, you get a chance to make your favourite people smile.

Celebrate all your favourite occasions by purchasing creative gifts from our store that add warmth and affection to your life. Make everyone around you bloom with joy as you give them presents that will help them to cherish these moments for a lifetime. We also offer incredible gifts for Valentine’s Day to make your partner feel out of the world special.

At Flaberry, we are a leading gift shop that is known for its promising services all across India. Our contributions to all your occasions can help you light up your day instantly. Do not miss out on making people feel special. It is your chance to rise and shine!

Spread positivity wherever you go

If there is one thing that never loses its significance, it is plants. By incorporating plants into your living spaces, you can welcome positivity and peace in your life. Plants are also beneficial for reducing stress and thus improving your mental health in many ways. As a gift too, plants are an incredible present that helps people to make improvisations in their life and become a better version of themselves.

At Flaberry, we firmly believe in the magic of plants and thus encourage its use in our everyday life. As a décor piece, there is nothing more eye-catching than these tiny plants that do all the talking. Not only do they help add coziness to your home but also a sense of comfort.

Under our roof, we contain a host of exotic plants that can be the perfect way to give your home decor a new makeover. These affordable plants can also be the best gift for those who wish to enhance joy in their life and break out of their everyday stress. We also offer lucky bamboo plants that bring sheer luck in people’s lives. Hybrid plant, Black fibre plant, Lime & Lemon Synogium and Golden pothos are also a part of our affordable plant collection.

These plants at our stop are also perfect for your office spaces in many ways. The more you incorporate them, the brighter your life will tend to be. So, why are you waiting? Purchase your favourite plant and spread positivity wherever you go!

Enhance the joys of life

What do you do when you want to buy two gifts for a single price? Well, you come to Flaberry! At our stop, we avail of a handsome variety of combo gifts that you can purchase at the best prices. Our rose and chocolate combo, happy birthday gift combo and complete love combo are some of the best combos picks for you. Enhance the joys of life by gifting combination gifts that stand out at our store.

Under our roof, we are not just limited to flowers and cakes but we also offer cute teddy bears and chocolates in our combo gift collection. Our combo collection also showcases a plethora of stylish flower vases that you can purchase right away. Each gift comes with a complimentary gift card and free-hand delivery service so you never have to run out of convenience with us.

Whether you are heading for an anniversary or a birthday, our combo gifts will brighten up your day and make everyone buzz with excitement. We also avail of our combo collection for festivals and special occasions like Diwali, New Year and Valentine’s Day. All you have to do is pick your favourite combo and become the star of the night.

At Flaberry, you can also grab the best offers and discounts on important occasions. We make sure that each combo collection is delivered to you at the best prices so you do not have to face any complication from our end. After all, our customers are our top priority!

Count on us for all your décor needs

Flaberry is not only the one-stop solution for all your gifting needs, we are also open to fulfil your décor requirements. No matter the occasion, you name it and we will be there to offer our hands-on décor services right away. First-night décor, car décor, small gathering décor, wedding and even mehndi décor, we avail our expertise for all such auspicious occasions. Thus, whether you want our helping hand for your big occasion or small, we render our potential services whenever you need us.

At our stop, we provide a massive team of expert professionals who come to your rescue for all your décor requirements. For each occasion, we refer to your preferences and adhere to them accordingly. Our stylish decoration, innovative designs and peerless endeavour make us one-of-a-kind in this sphere. Above all, each of the decorations that we offer is at a price that suits your pocket without any hindrance. Thus, you can count on us to traversing all your dream occasions into reality.

Each décor that we offer to our clients make their guests stop and stare every time. All you have to do is trust our exclusive services and allow us to whisk our wand to bring your dreams to reality. Our team of professionals will do everything it takes to innovate your décor ideas and portray them in a way that makes you cherish them for a lifetime. So, don’t keep scrolling through. Dial us right away to book your décor requirements at the earliest!

Corporate services that leave a lasting impression

At Flaberry, we also partner with reputed corporate companies to serve them with eye-catching décor services. From plants, flowers, cakes to other gifting needs, we avail our expertise for them anytime, anywhere. Our tech-enabled dashboard is also offered to them so that we can connect better and help them to create a lasting impression in the eyes of other business dignitaries.

Whether there is a birthday or an anniversary, there is nothing that we do not do for our corporate clients. Get in touch with us if you require our corporate services to make your clients come back to you for more.

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