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Flower Delivery in Kolkata

Flower Delivery in Kolkata

New Arrival
Wrapped in Elegance Flower

Wrapped in Elegance Flower

Earliest Delivery : Today
Simply Red Flower Bouquet
Earliest Delivery : Today
Beauty in Red

Beauty in Red

Earliest Delivery : Today
Red Passion Flower

Red Passion Flower

Earliest Delivery : Today
Dozen of Roses Flower

Dozen of Roses Flower

Earliest Delivery : Today
New Arrival
Black Flaberry Signature Collection Flower Box
Earliest Delivery : Today
100 Red Roses

100 Red Roses

Earliest Delivery : Today
Pink Flaberry Signature Collection Flower Box
Earliest Delivery : Today
Wrapped in Emotions Flower
Earliest Delivery : Today
Basket of multicolor roses Flower
Earliest Delivery : Today
Roses Basket Flower

Roses Basket Flower

Earliest Delivery : Today
Colorful Wish Flower Bouquet
Earliest Delivery : Today
12 Gerberas Flower in a basket
Earliest Delivery : Today
15 Red Roses Flower In Basket Arrangement
Earliest Delivery : Today
12 Red Roses Flower In a Basket Arrangement
Earliest Delivery : Today
Rainbow Roses Flower

Rainbow Roses Flower

Earliest Delivery : Today
Lovely Roses Flower

Lovely Roses Flower

Earliest Delivery : Today
Asiatic Fusion Flower

Asiatic Fusion Flower

Earliest Delivery : Today
New Arrival
Designer Orchids Bunch Flower
Earliest Delivery : Today
Double Delight Flower

Double Delight Flower

Earliest Delivery : Today
Elegant Pink and White Flower
Earliest Delivery : Today
Elegant Choice Flower

Elegant Choice Flower

Earliest Delivery : Today
Lady in Pink Flower

Lady in Pink Flower

Earliest Delivery : Today
Marvelous Pink Flower

Marvelous Pink Flower

Earliest Delivery : Today

Review & Ratings for Flower Delivery in Kolkata( 4.6 out of 5)

Flaberry Flower Delivery in Kolkata - Blooming Beauty at Your Doorstep

Flowers have an undeniable charm that transcends language and expresses emotions effortlessly. In the bustling city of Kolkata, Flaberry stands as a beacon of floral delight, offering a wide array of flowers for various occasions. This article takes a closer look at Flaberry's flower delivery services in Kolkata. We'll talk about the different kinds of flowers we have and the special occasions they're perfect for.

Kolkata's Rich Culture - A Tapestry of Tradition and ModernityThe Cultural Tapestry

Kolkata, often hailed as the Cultural Capital of India,  boasts a rich heritage that weaves together tradition and modernity. The city's cultural landscape is adorned with literary luminaries, artistic expressions, and a fervent passion for celebrating life's myriad facets. From the iconic Durga Puja festivities to the soul-stirring performances at the Nandan cultural complex, Kolkata's cultural vibrancy is deeply ingrained in the hearts of its residents.

Literary Hub

Kolkata has been a breeding ground for literary giants, from Rabindranath Tagore to Satyajit Ray. The city's bookstores, coffee houses, and intellectual gatherings reflect a love for literature and intellectual discourse.

Artistic Haven

The city's art scene is dynamic and inclusive, with galleries showcasing traditional Indian art alongside contemporary expressions. The vibrant street art and installations contribute to Kolkata's artistic flair.

Theatrical Heritage

Kolkata is home to a thriving theatre culture. The legendary Academy of Fine Arts and numerous small theatres provide a platform for aspiring actors and playwrights, adding a dramatic touch to the city's cultural mosaic.

Flaberry Flower Delivery - Enhancing Kolkata's Cultural Expression

A Gesture of Tradition

Flowers, deeply rooted in Indian culture, play a significant role in various ceremonies and celebrations. From auspicious beginnings to heartfelt expressions, flowers are an integral part of Kolkata's traditions.

Durga Puja Elegance

During Durga Puja, the city is adorned with intricately crafted flower decorations. Flaberry's flower delivery services enable residents to bring a touch of this festive elegance into their homes, connecting them to the grandeur of Kolkata's cultural celebrations.

Celebrating Milestones

Kolkata residents, known for their love of celebrating life's moments, turn to Flaberry to express their emotions. Whether it's birthdays, anniversaries, or achievements, flowers delivered with care become a poetic extension of heartfelt sentiments.

Supporting Local Artisans

Flaberry's commitment to sourcing flowers locally aligns with Kolkata's emphasis on supporting local artisans and businesses. This not only ensures freshness but also contributes to the city's economic fabric.

The Blooming Variety - A Bouquet for Every Taste

Flaberry takes pride in offering a diverse range of flowers to suit every preference. Here's a table showcasing the variety of flowers available for delivery in Kolkata.

Flower Type



Classic, romantic blooms available in various colours


Elegant and fragrant flowers for a touch of sophistication


Exotic and long-lasting, perfect for special occasions


Delicate petals, ideal for expressing love and admiration


Vibrant and cheerful flowers to brighten any day

Mixed Bouquets

Artfully arranged combinations for a burst of colours

Occasions and Blooms - A Perfect Match

Flowers have the power to enhance any occasion, and Flaberry understands the importance of matching the right blooms with the right event. Here's a table highlighting the recommended flowers for different occasions.


Recommended Flowers


Red Roses, Lilies, Orchids


Mixed Bouquets, Gerberas, Carnations

Valentine's Day

Heart-shaped Rose arrangements, Orchid bouquets

Get Well Soon

Cheerful Gerberas, Lilies


White Lilies, Carnations


Mixed Bouquets, Roses

Floral Arrangements - Beauty in Design

Flaberry doesn't just deliver flowers; they craft exquisite floral arrangements that elevate the aesthetic appeal. Below is a table showcasing different floral arrangements available for delivery.

Arrangement Type



Hand-tied bundles of flowers, perfect for gifting or display

Flower Baskets

Flowers arranged in elegant baskets, adding a rustic charm

Vase Arrangements

Flowers arranged in vases, ideal for centrepieces or home decor

Box Arrangements

Flowers arranged in decorative boxes, a modern and stylish choice

Heart-Shaped Arrangements

Express love with flowers arranged in heart shapes

Premium Luxury Arrangements

Exquisite arrangements with premium flowers for special occasions

Enhancing Your Experience - Flaberry's Flower Delivery Add-ons

Adding a Touch of Extra - Exploring Flaberry's Add-ons

At Flaberry, we believe in making your floral experience truly special. That's why we offer a range of thoughtful add-ons to accompany your flower delivery. From chocolates to personalised notes, our add-ons are designed to elevate your gesture and make the moment memorable.

Noteworthy Add-ons

  • Chocolates and Sweets -

  • Sweeten the surprise with delectable chocolates and sweets.
  • Personalized Notes -

  • Express your feelings with a heartfelt message attached to your bouquet.
  • Fragrant Candles -

  • Enhance the ambiance with scented candles, turning your gift into an experience. 

Placing Your Order -

A Seamless Process

Ordering flowers with Flaberry is a breeze. Follow these simple steps to have your chosen blooms on their way to your doorstep.

Step-by-Step Ordering

  • Visit Our Website -

  • Navigate to our user-friendly website.
  • Browse the Collection -

  • Explore our diverse range of flowers and floral arrangements.
  • Select Your Favourites -

  • Choose the flowers that speak to you.
  • Add-ons for Extra Delight -

  • Enhance your order with our thoughtful add-ons.
  • Fill in Delivery Details -

  • Provide accurate information for seamless delivery.
  • Choose Delivery Date and Time -

  • Select the preferred time for your special delivery.
  • Secure Payment -

  • Complete your order by choosing a convenient payment method.

Tracking Your Blooms - Real-time Updates

Stay in the Loop - Tracking Your Flaberry Order

We understand the excitement of waiting for your floral surprise. With Flaberry's tracking system, you can stay informed about your order's journey from our store to your doorstep.

Track Your Order

  • Order Confirmation -

  • Receive an order confirmation with a unique tracking ID.
  • Real-time Updates -

  • Track your order's status in real-time on our website.
  • Delivery Notifications -

  • Get notified when your flowers are out for delivery.
  • Delivery Confirmation -

  • Receive confirmation once your blooms are safely delivered.

Timely Commitment -

Our Pledge to Punctuality

Time is of the Essence - Flaberry's Timely Delivery Promise

At Flaberry, we understand the significance of timely delivery, especially when it comes to expressing emotions. Our commitment is to ensure your flowers arrive promptly, making every moment special.

Our Pledge

  • Scheduled Deliveries -

  • Choose a delivery slot that suits your convenience.
  • Same-Day Delivery -

  • For those last-minute surprises, opt for our same-day delivery service.
  • Express Delivery -

  • Swift delivery for those moments that can't wait.

Diverse Delivery Options - Tailored to Your Needs

Beyond the Basics - Flaberry's Delivery Variety

We acknowledge that each delivery is unique, and so are your needs. Flaberry offers a range of delivery options to cater to various requirements.

Delivery Types

  • Standard Delivery -

  • Reliable and timely, our standard option is perfect for planned surprises.

  • Midnight Delivery -

  • Make birthdays and anniversaries truly memorable with our midnight service.

  • Fixed Time Delivery -

  • Choose a specific time slot for precision in surprising your loved ones.

  • Express Delivery -

  • Need flowers urgently? Our express delivery ensures your blooms reach swiftly.

Seamless Transactions - Our Flexible Payment Methods

Paying with Ease - Flaberry's Payment Options

Flaberry values your convenience, and that extends to our payment process. Choose from various secure payment methods for a hassle-free transaction.

Payment Choices

  • Credit/Debit Cards -

  • Securely pay with your preferred card.
  • Online Wallets -

  • Use popular digital wallets for quick and easy transactions.
  • Net Banking -

  • Enjoy the flexibility of online banking.
  • UPI Payments -

  • Make payments seamlessly through UPI

Why is Flaberry Flower Delivery a great choice for people in Kolkata?

Flaberry Flower Delivery is awesome for Kolkata residents because

Lots of Flowers

Flaberry has many different types of flowers, so you can always find the ones you like.

Cool Extras

You can add extra stuff like chocolates and cute notes to make your flower gift even better.

Easy to Order

It's really easy to order flowers on the Flaberry website. Just pick your flowers, add any extras you want, and pay. Simple!

Always on Time

Flaberry promises to deliver your flowers on time, so you don't have to worry. we're reliable!

See Where Your Flowers Are

You can track your order online to know exactly where your flowers are. It's like a flower adventure!

Perfect for Different Moments

Flaberry suggests flowers for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. They make it easy to pick the right flowers for the right moment.

Local and Fresh

Flaberry gets flowers from local places, so they're always fresh. Plus, it helps local businesses in Kolkata!

You Choose When

You can pick when you want your flowers to arrive — whether it's during the day, at midnight, or super fast. They're flexible!

Safe and Easy Payment

Paying for your flowers is safe and easy with Flaberry. You can use cards, online wallets, or net banking. Whatever works for you!

In short, Flaberry Flower Delivery is a great deal for Kolkata residents because it's easy, reliable, and lets you add a special touch to your flower gifts. Perfect for making someone's day extra special!

In conclusion, flower delivery in Kolkata, facilitated by Flaberry, is more than a transaction, it is a vibrant expression of the city's rich cultural tapestry. Embracing Kolkata's traditions, Flaberry becomes a conduit for residents to celebrate life's moments, connect with their cultural roots, and express emotions poetically. Through locally sourced flowers and timely deliveries, Flaberry enhances the essence of Kolkata's traditions while seamlessly blending with the modern expressions of its dynamic residents. In every bouquet delivered, there lies a story, a celebration, and a testament to the enduring cultural spirit of the City of Joy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I schedule a flower delivery in advance?

Yes, most flower delivery services in Kolkata allow you to schedule a delivery in advance.

What types of flowers are available for delivery in Kolkata?

A variety of flowers are available for delivery in Kolkata, including roses, lilies, carnations, gerberas, and more.

Can I include a personalized message with the flowers?

Yes, our delivery services in Kolkata allow you to include a personalized message with your order.

Can I request for same-day delivery?

Yes, we offer same-day delivery for orders placed before a certain cut-off time.

Do you deliver flowers on weekends?

Yes, our delivery services in Kolkata deliver flowers on weekends.

Can I track my order?

Yes, our flower delivery services in Kolkata provide tracking information for orders so that you can track the status of your delivery.

What should I do if there is a problem with my delivery?

If there is a problem with your delivery, you should contact us right away and they will assist you in resolving the issue.

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