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Now send flowers all around the financial capital through your special florist in Mumbai. Shop for every variety & occasion specific flower, whether they be anniversary flowers, birthday flowers, wedding gifting flowers or anything else. Be spoilt for choices & select from our special flower bouquets for Mumbai, heart arrangements or combos.

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Good as always

24 December 2018 Mumbai

Good collection!

27 December 2018 Mumbai

The bouquet could have been filled with more flowers.

17 February 2019 Mumbai

Perfect! :)

12 March 2019 Mumbai

The quality of cake and flowers received was excellent! Keep it up

21 March 2019 Mumbai

I have order a bouquet for Mumbai from abroad, and the help (by chat) which I got to place my order was very professional. I was wanting very particular bouquet of 11 white roses and 1 red. But the most it's the quality of the flower which have been delivred, I was extremely very satisfy, the bouquet was even more beautiful than the photo on the website. I recommand Flaberry, and I will order again with you, keep the same services and you will go far. Thanks a lot.

10 April 2019 Mumbai

I liked your services and commitment of on time delivery... thanks :)

05 June 2019 Mumbai

Loved support

07 June 2019 Mumbai

it was better than expected.. keep it up!

10 June 2019 MUMBAI


11 July 2019 Mumbai

great flowers. First time I had to pay delivery charges- Why?

27 August 2019 Mumbai

Timely delivery, loved it!

11 December 2019 Mumbai

It was a very good service n customer response received. I would recommend my friends to approach flaberry to shower their love to their loved ones by ordering from here for the bouquets or cakes for any kind of occassions. Thank you.

28 January 2020 Mumbai

Thank you for the timely delivery and superb quality of flowers.

31 January 2020 Mumbai

The best quality service I have ever received. Thank you so much flabbery.

22 March 2020 Mumbai

Thanks to flaberry for presenting me on time with wishes before my loved ones even though I am hundreds of miles away from them.

23 March 2020 Mumbai


11 June 2020 Mumbai

Delivering Bouquet Of Happiness To Our Mumbai People

Mumbai is a ‘city of dreams’ which always sees a great footfall from over India. It is a city that never sleeps. People from every nook and corner come here to do something big in their life. Many people aspire for different professions like acting, singing, dancing and many more. They carry lots of hopes, aspirations, dreams, and blessings along with their luggage. They run after their dreams, leaving their family bonds and ties behind. Some of them get so engrossed in their professional life, that they forget their personal commitments.
It is essential to keep the flicker of relationships alive by valuing your beloved. So for making your task easy, Flaberry has made headway with a flabbergasting variety of esteemed flowers. From gerberas, lilies, roses, daisies, tulips to hydrangeas, chrysanthemum you will get everything with us.

This Valentines’ Day Make Your Partner Feel More Special By Sending In Mumbai

‘Valentines’ day’ is a ‘season of love’ celebrated widely on 14th February every year by people whose hearts were struck by an arrow of cupid. We have so much of love in our hearts to bestow on our lovers that even this one day appears shorter to us. The celebration of love season goes on for continuous seven days like rose day, chocolate day, propose day, teddy day, hug and kiss day. Our excitement for this day touches the utmost level that makes us prepared for it one or two months prior.
Madly in love people do every possible thing to make this d-day the most special day in their partner’s life. We can describe it as a day of celebrating the beautiful fusion of feelings and great love for our partner. It is a celebration of the day when we took an oath of being together and love each other till our last breath. Whatever situation we come across, we will never leave each other’s hands. Send Valentine’s Day flowers to your loved one and make the moment unforgettable by selecting a midnight delivery option.

Send Beautiful Flowers For Your Long Distanced Soul-mate In Mumbai

The love and commitment we have for our partner is not based on the proximity between us. Sometimes we see great fondness and affection among couples who are in a long-distance relationship due to their soul to soul connection because words are not needed to express our love and emotions for them. It is a selfless love relationship where we do not demand or ask anything from our partner. A little bit of care and loyalty is all one needs. Send ravishing orchids for your partner and proffer them the best moment of their life.
It’s our onus to tell them how important they are for us and we can’t even imagine our single day without them. We must plan for the surprises for our partner who never left us alone and always stood by us even at the lowest point of our life. For doing this, flowers are the best alternative; they create a bridge of happiness and love between our partner and us.
Demonstrate your love for your partner by sending pretty flowers via a same-day delivery option.

Cheers To The New Connection We Build This Diwali

Festivals and occasions always excite us. We get thrilled by its mere thought and start doing all sorts of preparations and arrangements for making it our most cheerful moment. The aroma of delicious dishes and beautiful flowers delights the whole environment. India is a land of a diversified culture where people of every community gather and celebrate all festivals together. On this day we try to collect as many memories as we could.
Diwali is known as the ‘Festival of Lights’ which is celebrated every year in our country in the month of November or October with great enjoyment and happiness. On this day we lit up rows of diyas and candles to banish the darkness of Amavasya and, our ignorance. We Indians have a tradition of distributing gifts, sweets, and happiness among our relatives and friends. Each gift creates its own memory. These little things help us in expressing them their importance in our hearts.
Giving flowers to your cousins and relatives will surely bring a smile on their faces. You can check out for the best quality of flowers on and opt for different flower arrangement as per your choice.

The healing touch of flowers

Flowers have healing properties and from many years people are using it to cure their diseases. Many pharmaceutical companies researched and finally gave the output that flowers have the power to cure many ailments. They are manufacturing medicines in the form of tablets, syrup, oil, and ointment.
Here is the list of few of the flowers which are widely known for their medicinal properties:

  • Calendula has magical powers to cure cuts and wounds.
  • Poppy is a great reliever of insomnia and anxiety.
  • The petals of carnations are used to make tea which helps in reducing the stress level.
  • Chrysanthemums are effective in curing a cold and headaches.
Q. Do you cover up all locations of Mumbai?

Yes. We have a network of 40+ florists giving their delivery services in the entire Mumbai region as well as in its outskirts also like Navi Mumbai, Thane, Dombivali and many more area.

Q. Do you also provide midnight delivery services in Mumbai?

Yes, we have midnight delivery services in Mumbai as well. The timings for the services will be from 11 PM to 1 AM.

Q. Can I get my cake delivered on the same day if I place an order by 1 PM?

Yes. Not only by 1 pm if you will place your order with us by 6:59 pm or 7:00 pm. Then also you will get the same day delivery.

Q. Can you give me the surety that the best quality of flowers will be delivered to my place?

Yes. Our company is associated with the best vendors in the city who are well known for their qualities and services.

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