Yummilicious Chocolate Cake 1.5 Kg


Pineapple Cake Half Kg


Hazelnut Cake 1Kg


Brownie Cake 1 kg


Black Forest Heart Shape 1 Kg


Golden Goose Cake 1 Kg


Chocolicious 1Kg


Chocolate Cake half kg


Fruit Cake 1 kg


Heart Shape Pineapple Cake


Brownie Cake half kg


Dark timberland 1 Kg


Pista Cake 1 Kg


Send Cakes in Noida


We have a large variety of cakes of different flavors & tastes to be sent to the city of Noida. Let’s take a look at some of them: -


Chocolate Cake – Everyone loves chocolates in every form, whether it presents itself in the form of bars, candies, or mixed in any other delicacy. One such delicacy is the cake, which, when mixed with chocolates, is a dish worth dying for. Order & send amazing chocolate cakes in Noida to your loved ones anywhere by using our reliable delivery system. Choose from our vast collection.


Pineapple Cake – Pineapples are one of the favorite fruits of many of us. They are very tasty & contain health benefits which makes them a total package. Imagine that sweet taste of your favorite fruit flavored in the amazing cakes! It would be total bliss. Order pineapple cakes online & send them anywhere in Noida using our dependable delivery system. You can choose from our amazing collection of varied cakes.


Customized Cakes –Cakes bring your loved ones closer as they signify festivity. The deliciousness of cakes never let us get satisfied with only one bite. If these cakes are personalized with our sweet memories and in the form of images depicting those memories, the sweetness of cakes will increase a few notches. Order customized cakes online & send them to Noida to your loved and dear ones through our dependable delivery system. You can choose from our amazing collection of cakes.