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Theres no better way to say "I love you" than with a bouquet of romantic flowers. Every day is the right day to spoil your sweetheart! There's no preferred route to declare "I Love you" than with a bunch of lovely flowers. Each day is the right day to ruin your sweetheart! Flaberry's bunches in profound reds and pink shades are the ideal way to ignite the romance when you send your spouse/friend flowers. In case its an special event like anniversary or you actually just want to know how much she means to you , let our exquisite flowers declare it for you. She will cherish it when you send flowers to her work/home and incorporate voice message ( specially for her in your own voice) Countless ladies moan that their husband/ boyfriend is not romantic enough. Dont give your soul mate to give that chance to say the same to you.Amaze and astonish her with our collection that will express your emotions superbly, if you are hitched, captivated or dating. Shop now and have your romantic thoughts conveyed same-day! No matter how much one denies it, everyone has that small part of themselves that yearns for love in their life. Alongwith that, no matter how macho or indifferent one seems, everyone loves romance and the feeling of being special that comes with it. Add to that, love and romance is one of the many things that makes life worth living and looking forward to. Love warms the heart and romance brings out all the mushiness that is hidden by insecurity and worry. This is the chane to get to put all those to rest and bring to life all those wishes and hopes that every person has. The best way to celebrate the feeling of being in love and having romance in one’s life is to first and foremost have the biggest, prettiest and most wonderful bouquet of red roses there is. Nothing screams love and affection than red roses. They are the ultimate gestures of love and romance. They not only bring out all the unsaid thoughts but also make the environment that much softer and mellow. Along with dark chocolates perfectly sets the mood for a lot of love and adoration. Red and dark is anyways the best combination. Put in roses and chocolates and you have the ultimate romantic date set out. It does wonders if there is a bottle of wine or champagne somewhere hidden in this well thoguht out surprise. But it doesn’t matter. Even if the intoxicating bubbly liquid isn’t there, this wonderous combination is enough to set the ball rolling and bring out the affection that makes the sky bluer and the hearts beat a little faster and little too loudly. Celebrate love and romance that there is, because they are all that brings the soft beauty to life.'

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4.5 164 5

Timely delivery, loved it!

11 December 2019 Mumbai

It was a very wonderful experience and for the FIRST TIME for me. Delivered in time and packaged nicely, at such a short notice. Thank you. Will recommend your name to my friends. Colonel Isenhower

02 December 2019 Ernakulam

its amazing you delivered smile in the person who means a lot to me just i want to say is please first check whether there is availability for that location or not then go for the payment..thank you

03 November 2019 Tirunelveli

01 November 2019 Kanpur Nagar

Excelent gift to Mr. Patt from ur app

29 November 2019 Pune

Wonderful service, prompt and on time

02 October 2019 Kollam

Delivery was on time no issues at all.

06 September 2019 Ganganagar

I got a message saying the chosen flowers are not available and they will be sending something else but straight after I got a message that they have been able to source them and I also got a full refund on the order. Great service. Will always be using these guys from now on.

27 August 2019 Ludhiana

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