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'Did a buddy get an promotion or done some breathtaking unique work? Affirm his brilliance with a praise of blooms conveyed to his home or office. Did a friend /relative/pal of yours breeze through his/her exams with no trouble at all? Praise her on a stellar report card with a bouquet.So, when you congratulate someone special you should make sure flaberry is the only way to go !! When it comes to celebrating, no one really needs an excuse. Every one enjoys a celebration and the revelling and fun that ensues. But there are occasions that warrant congratulations and celebrating because a person has earned success or victory in their area of expertise. No one should be denied their share of encouragemet and praise and applaud when they deserve it and have every right to celebrate their achievement. Since it is a congratulatory celebration, there is no specific gift that one has to go for. As long as it is a genuine appreciation and gesture of congralution, the gift does all the talking. It is important to note though, that since it is an extrememly happy occasion, there should be brightness all around. The only thing to keep in mind while deciding on a gift is that is should have vividness and bright colours in it. Be it flowers or a box of chocolates, make sure they are singing their own happy laurels. Flowers like carnations, yellow roses, purple orchids make for wonderful and delightful gifts that not only speak words of praise and congratulations but also make the surroundings a more cheerful place to be in. Remember, this occasion is to mark the hard work someone has put in to achieve something they have craved for a long time. Make it a point to celebrate the energy spent and the achivement by gifting not only something materialistic but also something that speaks and talks about the applause they deserve like a note of appreciation or a card that too congratulates them. Don’t hold back and be the big hearted person and celebrate your friends’ achievement. Also, congratulations before hand, about the excellent choice you’ll make on your gift. Cheers !!'

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Nice and good commitment to deliver the products as per customer priority

21 January 2020 Bangalore

Awesome quality of the products and commitment to delivery the items on customer priority

21 January 2020 Visakhapatnam


21 January 2020 Ahmed Nagar

Thanks for timely delivery

19 January 2020 Pune

Good customer service, good supporting flaberry team. Overall best experience.

15 January 2020 Muzaffarpur

Good customer service, good supporting flaberry team. Overall best experience.

17 January 2020 Muzaffarpur

Fresh Flowers and on time delivery

10 January 2020 Thane


18 January 2020 Jalandhar

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