Oxycardium Indoor Plant in Self Watering Planter

Oxycardium is an evergreen indoor climber that now comes with a friendly hazel brown coloured self watering planter that provides consistent supply of moisture to the plant without you having to worry much about frequently watering it. This plant is an amazing green beauty that can grow within the warm shades of your house. This ornamental plant has broad heart-shaped, glossy, green leaves that bring the garden-freshness and vigor inside the comfort of your home. It hangs down beautifully without much support apart from the adorable brown coloured self-watering pot that comes with it that only adds to the aesthetic and exuberance to your lifestyle. Our delivery services will deliver the product right at your doorstep. The Plant will be delivered in 3-4 days as its sent by Bluedart courier

Oxycardium Indoor Plant in Self Watering Planter

Oxycardium, known as the sweetheart plant for its unique heart-shaped leaves is a best choice of plant for gardening enthusiast. It is very easy to maintain and needs occasional watering.Moreover, it comes in a brown coloured self-watering planter that provides consisten supply of moisture and allows you tto water less frequesntly. It is an ultimate gift you can gift your better half or anyone you love at their birthday or any occasion to celebrate them and the love you share. It is a very heartfelt plant and helps spread warm positive feelings. The pandemic has restricted our way of expressing emotions; words have exhausted, and acts of love are becoming ephemeral. However, you will find this plant doing justice to your feelings by simply sitting handsomely, radiating happiness, adoration and glory in the middle of your room. Oxycardium is much fun when the climber grows on a moss stick for the plant to attach to and climb. It leaves you and your loved one twitterpated and brings solitude in this slow yet paced life. It comes in a simple hazel brown coloured self-watering planter. Bringing beauty within the depths of your home, express your love differently this summer.
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