Money Plant Hybrid Plastic Pot

This Hybrid money plant is an excellent choice for your homes, offices and even as a gift to your loved ones, as its beautiful arrow-shaped leaves and air purifying properties fulfill all the necessities of being a great indoor plant. Apart from its elegant foliage and air purifying properties, it is also known to bring good luck into your homes. This plant, unlike many others, requires very low maintenance and can tolerate a bit of your negligence as well. It can be gifted to your loved ones as a gesture of wishing them good fortune. Get your money plant in a beautiful brown plastic pot delivered right at your door and brighten up the dullness in your homes. The Plant will be delivered in 3-4 days as its sent by Bluedart courier

Money Plant Hybrid Plastic Pot

The popular feng shui Money plant is a beautiful easy-to-maintain a houseplant that is believed to bring along with itself prosperity and good fortune. It is an attractive and beautiful indoor plant with very interesting, fine and intricate details and requires minimal care. It is like having a lucky charm in a pot. This plant very effortlessly creates a pleasing fresh environment in your homes. It is recommended by scientists to have a money plant in your homes as it absorbs harmful radiations emitted by wireless routers, mobile phones and televisions. Besides, this plant is a natural air purifier which removes harmful toxins and cleans the air. The green leaves with splash of white detailing add to the décor of your house and bring about clean and fresh air for you and your family to breathe in. The long dark green blade-like leaves with lateral venation and pointed ends emerge on free and flexible short stems. This plant is an excellent choice as it gives your home the perfect tropical finish. Apart from the believed fact that the money plant brings good fortune, you will also enjoy growing and taking care of the plant in your homes or offices along with your family or colleagues as it instils good values like patience, gratefulness, ability to consistently care and provide the sense of responsibility and contentment. It is a fun-loving plant which reduces anxiety and stress. Its large evergreen leaves with short stems planted in a beautiful plastic pot will fill your day with a significant amount of positivity.
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