Roses For Her


A Silver Jublee Collection Of Roses


Lovely Roses Bunch - In Tissue Wrap


Bouquet of 500 Red Roses - In Jute Wrap


3 Magical Word Flower Arrangement


12 Red Roses In a Basket Arrangement


Celebrating Togetherness


Pink Pleasure


3 Feet Tall Arrangement of Red Roses


Huge 150 Roses Cellection - In Jute Wrap


Blissful Roses


Blooming Red


Explore Love


Love Letter


Poetic Allure


A Bouquet of Shagun


Toothsome Delicacy


Yellow Roses with Exotic Blue


Pink Fiesta


Love of Decades


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Roses are loved by all. Therefore, not only do they never fail to impress anyone, but they are also pretty convenient for you to shop.  If you forgot about someone’s birthday and are browsing online to buy something for a quick gift purchase with instant delivery, we have got your back. We at Flaberry provide a hassle-free delivery experience for you and your loved ones at any time of the day. All the products at Flaberry come with the freehand delivery service. Delivering across India, we make sure the gifts of your loved ones reach right on time.  All you have to do is just place the order and mention the timing and we will be there with your gift, right on time! To top it all, we even deliver at midnight. We take pride in our immaculate delivery services. The happiness of your loved ones is our priority. Therefore, we make sure that you do not have to worry about the delivery of your orders. We also provide the option of same-day delivery. Shop at Flaberry now and experience the world-class delivery services.

Their gift, your joy!

At Flaberry you get the best prices. On our website, you get a range of rose arrangements and products catering to every budget. From magnificent and extraordinary rose arrangements for special occasions today to day rose bouquets, we have got it all and at various price ranges. Gifting people roses and managing your budget was never this easy. With the regular price discounts and the best-curated prices, we make it possible for you to convey your emotions and add to the celebrations without burning a hole in your pocket.  The pricing is logical and the best you can get anywhere. Range of rose arrangements for you to select from, delivered right up to your loved one’s doorstep at reasonable prices is a dream come true! We only charge you for the products. Best quality roses without any extra charges are something that you cannot get anywhere.

You name it, we have it!

Roses are not just limited to bouquet arrangements. You can be playful and innovative with nature’s finest flowers. We at Flaberry provide you an opportunity to be experimental and fun with the range of rose products available at our flower section. Coming from the expert florists we have something for every occasion.  We make conveying emotions easy like never before. Celebrations are never complete without roses and we have got roses in different arrangements for every occasion! We strictly adhere to our motto- Delivering gifts with a personal touch.

Exquisite Combos

Roses are eyeful flowers. They overwhelm the senses with exquisite aroma and sight. We at Flaberry bring the delight of nature right into your pockets. With our convenient online floral store, you can shop for your loved ones with just a click! The best thing about our rose collection is that you will never get bored. The roses are available in combinations with select chocolates, teddies, and other beautiful flowers from our flower collection including lilies, gerberas, orchids, and carnations. Gifting flowers was never this exciting before!

Meaningful colours

The colours of the roses are symbolic. You can convey a range of emotions with roses of different colors. For Valentine’s Day red roses are perfect because they convey passion and deep love.  For wedding gifts, white roses are preferred, and for Friendship’s Day yellow roses. And so on. We at Flaberry bring together all the beautiful colors of roses together in one place. You name the occasion and we have the color! White, red, pink, yellow, orange is only to name a few. Select the perfect color for your loved ones with us.

Delightful Aesthetics

Roses not only aromatize the environment but also are a delight to look at! For this reason, roses can be used as decoration for various occasions. Imagine proposing to your girlfriend with a rose flower bouquet and her room is decorated with a magnificent heart-shaped roses arrangement. The beauty of roses itself will speak a thousand words!  A vase of roses is a beautiful addition to your home décor and will be a soothing presence. Roses can make any celebration more exuberant with the beauty they add. From weddings to birthdays we cater to every decorative purpose. With the range of rose arrangements available in our flower section, you need not hire a decorator for celebrations. Order from our vast range of rose collection and decorate the place like a pro!

Amazing Arrangements

Monotony is what we don’t have in our dictionary at Flaberry. The range of our rose collection is so vast and caters to your every need. For home decoration and gifting a relative, you can opt for roses arranged in vases of different kinds. If someone special’s birthday is coming up, opt for the various bouquet arrangements available for roses. And if you want to impress your partner on the occasion of Valentine’s Day or their birthday, go for roses arranged in the shape of a heart! And if you are getting nervous to say the three magical words to your significant other for the first time, do it with the roses arranged in the shape of letters.  We seriously have it all. When we say we have got your back, we do our job perfectly.  Visit our flower section and shop for the never-ending gift options!

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Roses are the best gift you can opt for your loved ones. They are loved by everyone alike and can never go wrong as a gift. Whether your friend just got a promotion at a job or you want to say sorry to someone, our roses are always at your service.  Select a delightful combination of chocolates or other goodies from our store and bring instant joy in your people’s lives. They are sure to remember the gift for their lifetime. So shop with us now and grab the exciting products!


  1. Is the shipping charge included in the product prices? Yes. We at Flaberry provide free hand delivery services for all our products.
  2. What color roses should I buy for my girlfriend? You can gift her any color of roses depending upon the occasion. If it is a new relationship, go for pink, otherwise, red roses are usually associated with love.
  3. Are the roses fresh? All our flower products are fresh. The freshness of flowers including roses is our top priority. Our expert florists make sure you get the choicest of roses. Roses reach you after careful examination, so you do not have to worry about their quality.
  4. When should I place the order? You can place the order anytime and specify the date and time you want them delivered. For the same-day delivery, make sure to place the order three hours before the desired delivery time.
  5. Are roses an appropriate gift for formal occasions? Yes, absolutely! Roses are like by everyone and thus are the safest option for occasions that are formal and less personal.
  6. My sister’s birthday is coming up. Can I get a customized cake with a rose bouquet? Yes. You can choose from a range of products combined with the rose bouquet, including a customized cake. Therefore, connect with us online for your special cake.
  7. Can men be given roses too? Yes. You should buy roses for the men in your life. Be it your father, brother, or your boyfriend, they will be mesmerized with the loving gesture and remember it for a lifetime.
  8. How do I take care of roses received as gifts? Taking care of roses is so easy. Just place the roses in a vase or a bowl with so fresh water. And repeat the process after a few days.
  9. How many roses will come in a bouquet? Our rose collection includes various rose sizes and numbers. Read the product description before placing the order and know how many roses are include in a particular bouquet.
  10. Can roses combine with lilies? Yes. Visit our flower section and check out the various combinations available.