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Get the stunning Orchids delivered right at your doorstep!

We at Flaberry take pride in our immaculate delivery services. To get your sweetheart Orchids you do not have to brave the sun and the pollution of your cities. Delivering across India to more than 200 cities, we have got you covered! All you have to do is place the order and mention the date and time for the delivery and we will be there with your bouquet of happiness, right on time. To top it all, we even deliver at midnight. So if you want to surprise your girlfriend on her birthday or Valentine’s Day, right when the clock strikes twelve, we promise to take care of that. The happiness of you and your loved ones is our priority and we make sure to give you the best and hassle-free delivery experience. Even if you want to make a last moment purchase and want the delivery on the same day, we gladly provide you with that option too. All you have to do is place the order three hours before the desired delivery time and we will take care of the rest.

Experience the joy of exotic Orchids without burning a hole in your pocket!

We at Flaberry price our products logically and strive to charge you reasonably. All our products include freehand delivery service so you pay only for the products and the shipping is all on us. We do not believe in the exclusivity of Orchids. Therefore we have a range of prices available catering to every budget, pocket, and occasion. Our Orchids flower collection ranges from elegant and simple bouquets for small occasions to combos and magnificent décor pieces for bigger celebrations. Choose the perfect Orchid arrangement according to your needs and pay for the same. The regular discounts and special pricing during the festivals, make sure you get the best prices with us. Managing your budget like a pro while surprising your loved ones with the exotic Orchids was never this easy before!

Indulge in the opulence of colorful Orchids

Orchids come in any color you can think of! The graceful and vibrant colors of these exotic flowers are all you need to cheer up your loved one and make the celebrations memorable like never before. In ancient Greece, orchids were associated with fertility and virility. With time various colors of Orchids have gained different meanings and significance. Thus, Orchids are not only eyeful flowers but also do the talking for you! The range of our collection makes sure you get the color you desire. With us, you never have to compromise. With our beautiful Orchid collection, you can choose among the various colors and make your gift stand out! You can go for blue Orchids for formal occasions as they symbolize deep thinking and spiritual awakening or a red one that stands for passion and love for your significant other. Go for the color purple if you have to show your admiration towards someone or confess your emotions to your crush.  White color orchids symbolize innocence and elegance and make the perfect gift for occasions like a baby shower or wedding ceremonies. The list is simply endless and we have got it all! So check out our Orchid collection now and make a perfect choice!

Your wish is our command!

Orchids are sensuous flowers. A perfect gift for your significant other as well as for the people in your life you admire. The glory of these ornamental flowers is something that no one should miss out on. Therefore we at Flaberry have curated Orchids for all your purchasing needs. From combos to exquisite arrangements, with us, you get it all! Visit our flower section to explore now!

Exquisite Combos

The sensational presence of Orchids in exotic and unique colors combined with the scrumptious chocolates or adorable teddies is a dream come true.  And this is just one of the exquisite combinations that you get with us with the stunning Orchids. Our Collection of Orchids is straight out of heaven. It caters to everyone, you name it and we combine it! We have the combinations of Orchids with select luxurious chocolates like Ferrero Rochers, cakes, and teddies, and other flowers like roses, carnations, lilies, and gerberas to name a few.

Unique Arrangements

Orchids are beautiful flowers with geometric petals that are a stunning presence in any room.  The out of the world arrangements from our collection is curated by some of the best florists. The artistic orchestration of Orchids in our collection ranges of vase arrangements to multi-layered décor pieces. Depending upon the occasion, you get a vast range of options to choose from. So whether someone special’s birthday is coming up or you are in charge of decorations for the New Year’s party this year, unique arrangements of Orchids at Flaberry are to your rescue! Just some clicks and you would have impressed everyone alike! So what’s with the wait? Come shop with us and order that perfect arrangement of Orchids now!

Charm your partner with Orchids this Valentine’s!

Orchids are sensational flowers that have been associated with virility, fertility, and sexuality since ancient times. Orchids make a so perfect gift for your partners on the special day of love. If you want to do something special this year, something beyond the clichéd and the usual, and Orchids are your go-to flowers.  The sweet aroma and the playful colors will make your partner fall head over heels in love with you again. The magic of sexuality from the bounty of nature itself is all you need to create a long-lasting impression on your partner. Whether it’s your first Valentine’s or it has been years of a wonderful journey with your partner, Orchids are the perfect gift from nature to create that spark. Combine the exotic flowers with your partner’s favorite chocolates or other goodies from our store and make them feel special and overwhelmed by your love.

You get the best with us!

If you have got the online buyers’ anxiety about the quality of the products you see on your screen then throw your worries at the back. We at Flaberry take the utmost care of delivering the best quality products. The Orchids are curated very carefully by our expert florists and reach you after a thorough inspection. The delivery is also carried out with the utmost care and diligence. The flowers are as fresh as morning dew and are procured carefully from the farms.  We handle your flowers delicately and deliver the best quality products. So sit back while we take care of delivering happiness to your loved ones!


  1. Do you deliver green Orchids? Yes, we deliver many colors of Orchids. Visit the flower section to explore.
  2. Are wreaths of Orchids available at your store? Yes. Our collection of Orchids has a range of arrangements and products available. The Orchid wreaths are one of the most selling arrangements we have. Visit our flower section to shop for wreaths.
  3. Do Orchids have any smell? Orchids have a range of aromas. Not all species smell alike. While some Orchids have familiar smells like coconut, lilacs, and raspberry, other Orchid fragrances can simply not be captured in words.
  4. How long do Orchids last? Orchids have a so good stem life. If you place the cut stems in a vase containing water, Orchids can last for 4-6 weeks.
  5. What is the most appropriate occasion for gifting Orchids? Orchids are versatile and sensational flowers. You can gift Orchids to someone special as well as to your boss! The various colors of Orchids symbolize different meanings, so if you want to convey a specific emotion, you can go for a particular color, otherwise, every color is suitable for all the occasions.
  6. Can Orchids be combined with roses? Yes. Roses and Orchids make a so extraordinary combination. The beautiful blend of the two most exquisite flowers is no less than an angelic sight.
  7. I want to give Orchids to my girlfriend but I can’t decide on the color. Can you suggest something? Orchids look magnificently beautiful in all the colors. So your girlfriend is sure to love any color that you choose. Go for the red or pink Orchids if you want to convey passion and love, purple Orchids that symbolize admiration are a good option too.