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Orchid Pleasure


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Lovely Affection


Are you looking for some special to start your life with your beloved? Then you are at the best place to finish your search as orchids the best flowers to start your new life and they are best to make your beloved fall in love with you. You can send mesmerizing orchids to all your friends and loved one in India and make them feel loved.

Send Orchids All Over India

Orchids are the most gorgeous and colourful flowers. They are the most delicate and exotic type of flowers. They can be given in various occasions to friends and relatives. They are also a type of business flowers.

There is a wide variety of orchids available in the world, but the Flaberry delivers the gorgeous ones. We provide the orchids to give a pretty smile to your face. Different colour of orchids have a different meaning, and they are used for different occasions. But when it comes to decoration and gifting, they can be used regardless of their symbolism.

  • White Orchids: white orchids are the symbol of innocence, beauty, and elegance. They are also the best gifting option on the birth of a new baby. They can be given to friends, girlfriend and younger cousins.
  • Yellow Orchids: yellow is the colour of the sun, so yellow orchids are the symbol of happiness and a new beginning. They can be given to anyone you know whether he/she is your friend, relative or business person and all.
  • Blue Orchids: blue colour is associated with peace and tranquillity so the blue orchids represent desire, love, power, beauty, and calm so they can be given to your enjoyment of your life to show your appreciation or on various occasions.
  • Purple Orchids: purple orchids represents royalty, respect, dignity, and admiration. These heavenly flowers are best to show that you admire them and respect them. You can send them to your father and older person in your family.

We at Flaberry offer all the significant types of orchid flowers bouquet and basket. You can send flowers online all over India with Flaberry. By just visiting our site or visit our application on android or ios and select the flower bouquet you want to send and complete the order by filling all the necessary details and now, relax our delivery partner will deliver your product to your house.

 Send Orchids To Your Girlfriend On The Valentine Day

Valentine's Day is the day of the couple. It is celebrated on the 14th of February each year. Orchids are one of the most expressive and eye-catching blooms. If on this Valentine you are wanted to do something special for your lovely girlfriend and do not want to give her roses as everyone do then you can send her an enchanting flower bouquet of blue and white orchids to praise her for her beauty and love. As blue orchids show love, passion and vision. You can also choose for midnight delivery service to surprise her.

Send Orchids To Your Father On This Father Day

Father’s day is a special day for all the children and fathers. On these children give special care to their fathers and try to make them feel special. Orchids are the flowers of care, love, admiration, and respect. On this Father's Day show your appreciation and attention to your father with the beautiful purple orchids and make your father proud on you. You can also choose for same-day delivery service to make sure that your father will receive the flowers on the same day.

Send Beautiful Orchids To Your Sister On The Occasion Of Giving Birth To New Baby

Being a mother is an extraordinary moment in the life of women, and if your sister had become a mother, then it is also a big moment to you as now you had become an uncle. On this particular occasion, if you are not able to visit your sister's house and cannot wish her, and give your blessings to your nephew to the new baby, then you can send flowers to your beautiful orchids to your sister and make your sister feel good. You can choose for same-day delivery service.

The orchid is a beautiful flower, its beauty unparalleled by any other of its kind. They are found to grow on every continent on earth except of course for Antarctica. Other than black, orchids can be found in any other color imaginable. The orchids have mesmerized all those who laid their eyes upon its magnificence. Receiving a bouquet of orchids would make anyone's day. Their lustrous fragrance and magnificent colors utter unknown beauty. Typically, orchids symbolize love, beauty, and mature charm and suffice to be the perfect gifting solution to any anniversary, birthday, a get-well soon buddy and what-not! In order to keep your surprise rolling, a box of dark chocolates would handsomely match the irony and say the words you've always wanted to say. Gift Orchids flowers & orchids bouquet to your loved one and receive it at your doorstep with our reliable delivery service.


Send Orchids all over India for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, valentine's day, weddings from anywhere in the world. You can send Orchids to different parts of India, whether it is Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad or Bangalore. Same Day Delivery and Midnight delivery of Orchids all over India with free shipping is available.