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Carnations are an expression of love, fascination, and distinction. They represent the official emblem of Mother’s day in the US and Canada. The scientific name for the carnation is Dianthus caryophyllus, which literally mean "flower of the gods"! Today, crossbreeding has allowed for a variety of colors to erupt from the original colors of pale pink and peach shades. Ranging along the color spectrum, carnations can be found in shades as diverse as white, yellow, pink, red, purple, and green.


These flowers serve as a symbol of admiration. Thus, a mature and sensible gifting option for a parent’s or teacher’s anniversary or birthday calls for a carnation flowers or carnation bouquet. However, it should be noted that each color carries a different meaning. The pink Carnation is said to signify the tears shed by the Virgin Mary, pointing to the religious significance of this ancient flower. Pink and yellow Carnations are often sent as a symbol of admiration, while the deeper red Carnation blooms signify a deeper love. White Carnations symbolize purity, love and luck. Order carnation bouquet online through us & get it at your doorstep with our dedicated delivery system.


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