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  • Amazing Beauty

    7 anthuriums, 1 stem of asiatic lilies(at least two lilies), 10 carnations in a similiar vase as shown.

    Starts with Rs 1199

    Earliest Flower Delivery:
    Tuesday, November 19
  • Exotica

    4 red anthuriums, 2 yellowish orange BOP ( standing tall with anthuriums ), 3 blue orchids and 10 white carnations with greens and seasonal fillers ( offering similar looks ) in a tall arrangement in basket as shown.

    Starts with Rs 1899

    Earliest Flower Delivery:
    Tuesday, November 19
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The Anthurium is also known as Painted Tongue or the Flamingo Flower (Flamingo Lily). In Greek, the name Anthurium means tail flower. The heart-shaped flower of the anthurium is not really a flower, but a type of leaf called a spathe. The flower on the plant is the spike in the centre. Providing the perfect foil for this wonderful flower, the heart shaped waxy leaves are a feature in their own right. These flowers represent a deep romantic attraction. Hospitality is said to be represented by the openness of its blossom. Thus these flowers score a perfect ten for people who wish to present their friends and relatives with a heart-warming sense of appreciation. Buy anthuriums online from our beautiful collection & get delivery at your doorstep.


Send Anthuriums all over India for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, valentine's day, weddings from anywhere in the world. You can send Anthuriums to different parts of India, whether it is Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad or Bangalore. Same Day Delivery and Midnight delivery of Anthuriums all over India with free shipping is available.

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