Elegant Pink and White


Rainbow Roses


Chocolate cake 1 Kg


Rich Chocolate Cake


Being Happy


Asiatic Fusion


Red Roses


White Roses


Elegant Choice




Pink Pleasure


Pink Passion


Lovely Roses


Yellow Roses


Purple Orchids


Lovely Gerberas


Rose Rainbow Collection


Roses and Lilies


Rose Fusion


Roses and Bear


Fruit Cake 1 kg


Basket of multicolor roses


White Passion


Sunkissed Surprise


Truffle Cake


Pink Roses


Acoustic Belle




Rosy Bloomers


Heart of red roses


Yours Forever


Pineapple Cake 1 kg


Chocolate Heart Cake 1Kg


Colorful Love


Pure Love


Cake delivery service in Sindhudurg

The word Sindhudurg is made of two words, namely, Sindhu, which means sea, and durg, which means fort. Established by the valiant Maratha warrior Chattrapati Shivaji, Sindhudurg served as a powerful barrier to repel foreign attacks. Situated on the Konkan area of Maharashtra, Sindhudurg is blessed with enchanting mountains and beautiful beaches that make it a scenic destination for tourists from all over India to explore and discover. It is home to abundant flora and fauna that is a natural habitat for exotic wild animals like Wild Boar, Mongoose, Wild Buffalo, and many more.

There is nothing better than a bite of a vibrant, creamy cake to lift your spirits any day. Cakes are one of the rare indulgences that can make one feel instantly better. For the people of Sindhudurg, our Flaberry cake delivery service opens the door of their cakes online to let its people get easier access to them. Widely known for the unique texture and taste of our cakes, we have made ordering cake for you a hassle-free process with our online platform. No longer do you have to wait in a line to get your order placed. We have received immense love for our cakes and it’s time for us to give back to our customers.

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Delightful cakes to enliven any event or occasion 

We live in a country where there is no shortage of festivals and celebrations. We like to rejoice with full enthusiasm in any function. Our cakes are specially prepared to enhance the appeal of every event or function and infuse it with more joy and pleasure. There is no denying the fact that all love cakes. The very presence of our beautifully decorated cake is enough to bring a smile on everyone’s face. Our cakes come in a wide assortment of flavours, shapes, and colours so that there is something for everyone. Through our assorted variety of cakes, we make sure that no one is left out.

Mesmerize everyone’s taste buds with the ravishing array of our cakes that come in numerous flavours like Red Velvet, Mango, Pineapple, Butterscotch, Chocolate, and many, many more. We have cakes sorted for absolutely any occasion for you. Whether it is your birthday, your father’s, mother’s, or children’s, we have got it all covered for you. Choose from our delicious array of Vanilla Strawberry cakes, Chocolate Gem cakes, Creamy Butterscotch cakes, Crunchy Pistachio cakes, among many to make your celebration truly memorable.

We provide an incredible variety of designer cakes at affordable prices. We can turn your cake into any shape according to your preference and taste. Our talented team of chefs work their magic to create photo cakes, cartoon cakes. They can personalize your cake to anything that you desire. Their enthusiasm to continually experiment and innovate makes our cakes one of the best in Sindhudurg. Get ready to witness a look of utter surprise and wonderment in the eyes of your loved ones as you present our cake to them.

We never compromise with the quality of the ingredients that we use in our cakes as we are committed to serving you to the best of our capacity. Our delivery service is quick, safe, and hygienic to ensure that the freshness of the product is kept intact throughout. Our delivery boy reaches at your doorstep within two hours of your order placed on our website. You can find a large number of delectable cakes ready for Express Delivery on our website. We also offer Same Day and free delivery to many locations.

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