Elegant Pink and White


Rainbow Roses


Chocolate cake 1 Kg


Rich Chocolate Cake


Being Happy


Asiatic Fusion


Red Roses


White Roses


Elegant Choice




Pink Pleasure


Pink Passion


Lovely Roses


Yellow Roses


Purple Orchids


Lovely Gerberas


Rose Rainbow Collection


Roses and Lilies


Rose Fusion


Roses and Bear




Rosy Bloomers


Basket of multicolor roses


Sunkissed Surprise


Fruit Cake 1 kg


Truffle Cake


Pink Roses


Acoustic Belle


White Passion


Heart of red roses


Yours Forever


Pineapple Cake 1 kg


Chocolate Heart Cake 1Kg


Colorful Love


Pure Love


Cake delivery at Balasore

As a coastal district of Odisha, Balasore lies in the the northern part of the state. Once part of the ancient city of Kalinga, Balasore was established as a separate district in 1828. An agrarian economy characterizes it with a warm climate. A wealth of fairs and festivals like Dola Purnima, Ganesh Chaturthi, Kali Puja, etc. make Balasore an attractive place for tourists to spend time and familiarise themselves with its heritage.

The most delicious cake delivery service by Flaberry in Balasore

Cakes add an unforgettable charm and radiance to every occasion, festival, or function. The sweetness that they impart makes the time spent together truly memorable. Cakes have been a big part of all the festivities and merrymaking in our culture, and no one can deny their influence. Cakes can be gifted or enjoyed as they are. Sharing a cake also replenishes and revives forgotten relationships. It brings us closer to our near and loved ones.

Our Flaberry cake delivery shop is known all over Balasore for the variety and rich taste of our cakes. But now we have decided to take a step ahead and make it an online store for you to order our cakes anytime you want without needing to come into our shop manually. In the comfort of your home, you can visit our website and place an order for any cake that you wish to enjoy or serve as part of any celebration or event. Our cake delivery shop prides itself on serving delicious and freshly baked cakes and desserts. Our cakes have been helping people's requirements throughout the long years we have been in business. Our trained and diligent group of chefs make it their utmost priority to prepare the most exceptional quality cakes for your pleasure. 

You will be surprised at the sheer variety of cakes that we prepare. We provide you so many options for cakes and desserts to choose from. You can go through our Choco Freedom cake, Hazelnut Cheesecake, Creamy Cookie cake, Vanilla Sheet cake, and many more when you visit our site. We have also come up with a range of Coffee cakes to satisfy those who desire something intense and dark.

We prepare cakes for all kinds of events and festivals. Our cakes can be easily tailored to your needs and preferences. We make it a point to serve you perfection with precisely baked cakes so that you won’t have to think twice the next time you need a cake.

Flaberry special Cakes to light up every occasion

Different occasions demand different kinds of delicious cakes. For example, a birthday cake for a child will be distinct from a wedding anniversary cake for a couple. Similarly, a cake made to convey heartfelt wishes will be different from a cake meant to celebrate professional milestones and turning points in our lives. Keeping this in our minds, we make cakes that best fit every occasion and event. You can also browse through our section of designer cakes and be surprised at the extent of our creativity. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring that you and your loved ones receive the best cake savoring experience of your life.

Sometimes you crave a small dessert at mid-day to boost your mood. Desserts are also an excellent companion to afternoon or late evening tea and coffee breaks. So to relish a delicate and sweet snack, we have a separate section of mud cakes, creamy cupcakes, delectable tarts, chocolate rolls, and brownies in a variety of mouth-watering flavors in our shop as well as the site. You can delightfully satisfy your taste buds by tasting these kinds of small desserts.

 Our Flaberry cakes are one of the most reliable and trusted cakes in Balasore?

 Our cake shop has been preparing and serving cakes for years. Our cakes have brought smiles on many faces and made every event incredibly memorable. All around Balasore, we are known for our timely and prompt cake delivery service. Our custom cakes and delicacies can be ordered from our website without any hassle.

Besides, our customer service is always ready to assist you in case you want to settle any queries regarding your order. You can also reach us through the mail address mentioned on our website. We promise to deliver you the best cakes whenever you desire. So don’t hesitate to call us anytime and place an order.