Hybrid Syngonium

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The tissue-cultured Syngonium is a charming and an easy to look after indoor plant that is versatile in its growth. The changing nature of the plant from arrowhead-shaped leaves, with strong, bold variegation to lobed finish breathes fashion into a minimal environment. It’s purifying air properties brings daybreak freshness inside the comfort of your home. Having packed beautifully in a bamboo pot, the product will be delivered at your doorstep. The Plant will be delivered in 3-4 days as its sent by Bluedart courier
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35 review(s) for Hybrid Syngonium

  1. Saurabh

    "Extremely satisfied with the services. It made the occasion even more special. Would love to use the services again for sure.

  2. Anjali Shree Sinha

    "Im satisfied with your products. "

  3. Shaveta Sharma

    "Everything was as per my demand. Thank U.... "

  4. Maya Yadav

    Thank you very much for a great product and timely manner service.


    So cute very fresh plant..


    "Awesome plant as a professionals."

  7. Swagatika Nayak

    "Thanks a lot for your assistance"

  8. Suresh Sharma

    Product was good & pot was too small. Price was too high, but it hes happy because he loved syngonium plant.

  9. CAPT Manish

    "It's my first time to use Flaberry service ...it's amazing experience ..love it"

  10. Dr B Satish

    Thanks for this beautiful healthy indoor plant, love this

  11. Arihant

    Much obliged to you root spans. My plants were alive and just lit up my family room.

  12. Priyanka Kaushik

    "Plant was very very GOOD and..Service is so good ..i really appreciate your work ..keep going .."" "

  13. Pavithra Francis

    This pink syngonium especially is growing very well and looks very pretty too.

  14. Dr, Sharad Sahu

    "Thanku so much for plant delivering in time.. "

  15. Miss. Deepa Sathish

    "I'm very happy with ur service. Nd the plant was very beautiful.

  16. Sanjay Valecha

    "Flaberry maintains highest quality of hygiene and cleanliness. The products are always of good quality.


    Amazingly packed.....i was worried for the plants since the delivery was delayed but once i opened the package i was amazed at how healthy the Syngonium plants were. The packing was amazing ..Thanks Flaberry

  18. Rupali Dangat

    Service is good... appreciate it. I ordered syngonium plant for my sister for her birthday...but received it an hour before her birthday...even though it brought happiness only. "So thanks flaberry"


    Pretty and easy to manage

  20. Sarala Mohan

    Healthy & beautiful plant was delivered. So great & so cute

  21. Sanjay Mohan Kaul

    "Really happy with this order. "

  22. Mrs. Aruna Rai

    """Excellent and timely delivery of the gift! ""Thank You""

  23. Ms. Bhawani Prajapat

    I am so happy .....very good plant delivery..


    "It was awesome. Overall very good experience.. "

  25. J Srinivas

    Much obliged to you root spans. My plants were alive and just lit up my family room.

  26. Vikram Saini

    Thank you Flaberry!! The plant was very looking good and delivery was excellant..

  27. Varun

    "The plant arrived in good condition & is healthy.

  28. Irani

    Pretty and easy to manage

  29. Sonal Nikhade


  30. Savita Bhojwani

    Flaberry is the best online site. My syngonium grown beautifully within a very short period.

  31. Mrs Sadhana Saxena

    I got the product on time n I am very happy with the entire service""

  32. Pooja Kala

    First time experience from flaberry. Very satisfied with the quality of plants & the packaging. No damage to plants. received healthy plant.

  33. Monika Gehi

    Well this time am very happy with the plant.I can feel that some very good plant lover has packed it, no damage, no drying of soil, all total it supppperb, so happy...

  34. priya

    Some of the collection of flower and plant pots we painstakingly (me and my wife) acquired over the years got spoilt when we had to move cities due to my job relocation. We bought certain flower pots from local nursery but bought this along with some other online. It was really a deal . Liked the packaging and the quality of the plant itself.

  35. Arpit Jain

    Not sure if its purifying any air in my house but my mom is really happy to water them and take care of them like kids . I have 5 of them now and it has added some meaning to her life. The plants have responded well also . Thank you flaberry for making it happen

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