Heart of red roses

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30 red roses in a heart shaped arrangement with leaves offering similar looks as shown.


When you are in love with someone, it is your heart that feels all the deep and varied emotions of romance. It beats faster whenever your loved one is around and grows with warmth whenever they put a smile on you face. If your loved one is far away and you're missing their presence in your life, you can now send a part of your heart to let them know how much you miss them every moment! Our Heart of red roses is a bouquet adept at conveying all the deepest of feelings with grace and ease. This bouquet contains 30 brilliant red roses and lush green leaves deftly arranged by our talented florists in the shape of a heart as big as yours. So if there is anything that spells love effectively and efficiently, it is this romantic red bouquet! You can now get your hands on this beautiful offering at a discounted price! So what are you waiting for? Order a Heart of Red Roses bouquet for the love of your life and let them know how much your heart misses and loves them every single moment!
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