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6 Blue Orchids 12 White Roses in Paper Packing - Blue Paper


There are some things that are precious, rare and difficult to come by in our day-to-day lives. For instance, white peacocks, unique crystals, albino whales etc. are some of the things that you would be lucky to spot in your lifetime. Among the flower kingdom too is one such bloom that is as unique but as precious and as beautiful as it can get. Yes, we are talking about orchids! Orchids are the most exotic offerings of the earth. They come in myriad hues, each exquisitely beautiful in its own right. While it is usual to come by most other breeds of flowers, orchids have their special requirements to grow and prosper. Our Designer Orchids Bunch is thus a bouquet as special as it can get! This unique offering comes with a bunch of 6 blue orchids in shades resembling the galaxy and 12 pristine white roses to augment their beauty even higher. This is thus a colour and flower combination that just can not go wrong! The lovely flowers come wrapped in a powder blue paper wrapping to let the blooms steal the show. So this is an unique gift that you should definitely get now, for the unique people in your life!
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