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An expression of happiness doesn’t come much better than with a handful of chocolates. We at Flaberry understand it, & therefore have arranged a delightful collection of dark ivory chocolates. Not a happy moment is there to be missed, as our vast range of customized chocolates are here to delight you at every opportunity there is for celebration. Order the chocolates online & send them to different parts of India.


We cater to various celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings & many more. We possess a vast collection of chocolates & chocolate related items. Let’s have a look at some of them: -


Chocolate bars – Chocolates are a delicacy which might literally be made in heaven. Such is its impact that it makes us forget all our sorrows & help put a big smile on our face. Order the amazing chocolate bars of different flavors from anywhere in the world & Send it all over India with our reliable delivery service.


Chocolate cubes – We bet that no other brown or black piece of eatable would have elicited so much gasp & awe as a piece of chocolate. They are the companions which give us full support during every stressful time. Now amaze your friends or relatives by sending them delicious & differently flavored chocolate cubes anywhere in India. Choose from our amazing collection.


Chocolate bouquet – Bouquets are given by an individual to signify good wishes, congratulate on a big day or just showering your love. So far, we linked the bouquets with only the flower variety, but this bouquet will change your perception. Send beautiful chocolate bouquets to your loved ones through our dependable delivery service. Don’t waste a moment of impressing them.


Customized chocolates – How would it feel when two great things of your life merge to give you greater happiness! You can feel the similar ecstasy with our special customized chocolates, which combines your intimate moments together with your favorite chocolates. Now get a chance to imprint your memories on the delicious chocolates. Send special customized chocolates anywhere in India by choosing from our vast collection.


Baby Shower & Announcement chocolates – Whether you are planning to welcome your baby into this world, or usher him in his new home, we have chocolate favors for you to celebrate both the occasions. The chocolates are customized are customized according to your choice & taste. Order & send baby announcement & shower chocolates all over India.