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6 Pink and 6 White Roses one-sided hand bunch with few leaves in a Pink and Yellow Tissue Wrapping.


We go on about life, working ourselves to the bone, dealing with overbearing responsibilities and the constant hammering of anxiety and stress on our senses. We look for a getaway from the mundane ongoings of life and seek solace and peace in the lap of Mother Nature. At Flaberry, we bring the best of nature's creations, straight to the comfort of your home and let you have a little getaway of peace and happiness, even if you are in the middle of a hectic schedule. These little moments of joy are what makes life special. So if you want to make your loved ones' life as special as this, you should definitely check out our White and Pink bouquet. This gorgeous bouquet features 6 of the most exquisite, pure white Avalanche roses along with 6 candy pink Aqua roses, entwined with love within some lovely green foliage. This happy family of blooms comes wrapped up in a dual-tone pink floral wrapping which includes classy silk paper too. So if you are looking forward to being someone's reason to smile, order the White and Pink bouquet immediately and watch them smile their day away!
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  1. Ruban Rose

    Very good

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