S Shape Ficus 5 Years Old

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S Shape Ficus Bonsai in Ceramic Pot


The Grafted Ficus, an exquisite bonsai roots from the family of mulberry plants (Moraceae). Amongst the many varieties of the ficus, the Ficus Retusa is the most popular one for the Bonsai, which comes in ‘S’ shaped trunk. The dark green and oval-shaped leaves of the plant gives the perfect lush for green to the room. The plant emits an exotic and tropical feeling. It is optimum to grow indoors, in a bright corner. This S-shaped ficus of bonsai is a beginner's best friend since it is extremely easy to care and look after. This beautiful bonsai grows luscious oval-shaped leaves and has elegant, glossy foliage. It has a thick S-shaped trunk with exposed roots, making it more exotic, tropical and beautiful. This indoor bonsai is a perfect gift, window plant and lovely decor. It symbolizes strength and is very meaningful. They have a life span of up to 1000 years and are very tolerant plants. It can very forgivingly condone negligence in care. This plant is extremely tolerant and versatile, making it the best candidate for indoor décor.
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14 review(s) for S Shape Ficus 5 Years Old

  1. Jaya

    Good Luck Flaberry - Great service

  2. Karishma

    Good plant thanks Flaberry

  3. Smriti

    Best Plant!

  4. Reshu


  5. Nidhi

    Great plant thanks Flaberry

  6. Tanya

    Nice product

  7. Pankhuri


  8. Sunaina

    Will recommend to purchase - overall good

  9. Nayan

    Good quality

  10. Nishant

    Very nice....satisfied

  11. Afreen

    goodone product received

  12. Ganesh

    Must buy the plant...

  13. Kareena

    Super se bhi upar product received

  14. C. Ramanujan

    I gifted this Plant for house warming ceremony of my Brother in Law as I could not attend that personally . I have not seen it yet but have got really rave reviews of it .Thank you for upholding my trust on ordering Plants online.

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