S Shape Dark Brown 3 year old

The S-shaped Ficus is the best indoor plant amongst the ficus family which comes with a swirly attractive looking trunk and glossy oval-shaped dark green foliage. The trunk is flexible in movement and is hand-wired over a period of 3 years to create an elegant S-shaped swirl. This plant enjoys the warmth and is less needy of your attention and care. If you are someone who cannot constantly be worried about maintaining your plants, then this plant is for you as it comes with a perk a being an extremely tolerant and low on maintenance. It immediately adapts to its environment and emits exotic and tropical vibes around, leaving you with a fresh and positive feeling throughout the day. It gives the feeling of having a miniature tree inside your homes. This elegant beauty comes in a dark brown fiber pot and will be carefully packed and delivered directly at your door, to the comfort of your homes. The Plant will be delivered in 3-4 days as its sent by Bluedart courier

S Shape Dark Brown 3 year old

Amongst the most beautiful bonsai plants, the S-shaped variety of the ficus family is the best for growing indoors. Apart from the ease of taking care and low attention requisite, the small, dark-green oval foliage over a thick and hardy attractive looking woody trunk makes an appropriate home décor. The trunk is known for its flexible movement and is especially hand-wired over a period of three years to construct a stylish S-shaped twist. The aesthetic swirl and the elegant sturdy texture of the trunk add to the exotic look of your rooms and the bright dark-green leaves give the perfect lush of green to any place it is kept in. It is optimum to grow indoors, in a bright corner. This S-shaped ficus of bonsai is a beginner's best friend since it is extremely easy to care and look after. It loves warmth and can take a good amount of negligence from your side. These are very tolerant and beautiful plants that should be a part of your house if you are looking for a lovely not-so-troublesome natural décor. This plant easily adapts to the home environment and also emits exotic and tropical vibes around itself giving you a fresh and positive feeling which is perfect to be in after a tedious day
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