Red Aglonema

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Red Aglonema Plant in Ceramic Pot


Add to your homes the exquisite Red Aglaonema which gracefully increases the elegance of the room it is kept in. It comes in with perks of being an easy-to-maintain plant which thrives on low sunlight or any other artificial source of light and is a natural air-purifier which cleans the air around you which makes your surroundings cool and fresh. It adds the perfect touch to your home-sweet-home feeling and is also a great gift for friends and family on happy and joyous occasions. The Plant will be delivered in 3-4 days as its sent by Bluedart courier
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2 review(s) for Red Aglonema

  1. Charit

    "The plant arrived healthy and in perfect condition. The soil is of good quality (well draining); and it was moist for the journey. It’s a good deal as compared to your local nursery. "

  2. Nawed

    My office was full of green leafy plants but in order to maintain the contrast with new paint in our lobby we were looking for something with red tinge and this perfectly fitted the bill . We have 13 of them today in 3 floors and it truly gives the wall & space all new meaning

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