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Lucky Bamboo

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Lucky Bamboo is a species of the genus Dracaena. It is also known as Dracaena sanderiana. It is called by many names which include Sander's dracaena, ribbon dracaena, curly bamboo, Chinese water bamboo, friendship bamboo, Goddess of Mercy plant, Belgian evergreen, and ribbon plant. Keeping lucky bamboo inside houses and business places is believed to bring happiness and prosperity and this belief has promoted a huge sales of lucky bamboo shoots grown in decorative pots. In India, the plants are usually imported from China and Taiwan and resold in attractive pots and the plant has become most popular indoor plant in certain parts of India.


Send beautiful Lucky Bamboo plants all over India for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, valentine's day, weddings from anywhere in the world. Choose from our amazing collection of plants.Whether it is eastern, western, southern or northernmost corner of India, Our delivery team delivers your gifts to your doorsteps. Same Day Delivery and Midnight delivery of Lucky Bamboo plants with free shipping is available.

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