Orchids Extravaganza

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12 Purple Orchids Bunch with fillers offering similar looks in a Cream White Tissue wrapping with Yellow Ribbon tied.


What you gift to other people says a lot about you. The choice of your gift reflects your personality and your thinking and makes lasting impressions about you in people's mind. So if you have a chance to make a mark on someone's heart, don't let it go to waste. We at Flaberry feel that your gift should be as amazing as you and keeping this very thought in mind, we have now come up with a gift that is absolutely spectacular in its truest sense. Our Orchids Bunch Extravaganza is as extravagant as its name indicates. This exquisite bunch contains a lavish bouquet of a dozen vibrant purple orchids adorned with fresh green leaves. These orchids do not attract dust, so they are going to be as fresh and as beautiful at the recipient's home as they were in our farm. And with their divine symmetry and variegated hues, they make a gift like no other! This special bunch comes cradled in a creamy white tissue wrapping and tied with a bright and broad yellow ribbon. Be it any occasion, these orchids are going to reflect your style and class so if you want to make your mark, do it in style!
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2 review(s) for Orchids Bunch Extravaganza

  1. Selena

    This is my second buy from flaberry and they just make it perfect every single time. I couldn't be more pleased. Third order coming soon :)

  2. manisha

    i had a couple of deliveries before from some other flower deliverers, but none matched this one. The flowers that came were so fresh, I could feel the softness of the petals. I would love to be addicted to these standards. best buy.

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