'At times, we simply want to gift someone something. Not for any particular reason but just because we want to. When this happens, the feelings that stir the heart are extremely sweet and moving. So one must tread carefully and gently. The gifts that therefore are presented are very considerate and carefully designed because they express exactly what your heart is feeling and why it is feeling the way it is. Maybe because the heart craves for someone, or beats a bit faster when it feels love, or grieves a bit when hurt. It is because the heart fuels such emotions, that the gifts that are here on this page are so soft and subtle in their display and creation. One doesn’t have to always have a reason for gifting someone a bouquet of roses or a bunch of chocolates. Sometimes, one gets gifts or buys gifts, just because…'

Flaberry Reviews for Online Delivery for Because..

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Quick and without hassle

18 March 2020 Gurgaon

Tq so much for the service provided and for timely delivery and and query response tat you gave. Pretty well satisfied with flaberry.

18 March 2020 West Godavari


11 March 2020 Lucknow


12 March 2020 Karim Nagar

Flaberry presented my best wishes for my loved ones On time in an exquisite manner. Team Flaberry is punctual ... dedicated and consistent in delivering quality service. Thank you Flaberry.

10 March 2020 Bangalore

It was delivered late. But good thing was the delivery guy with a big smile. He was old guy and really nice to meet with that guy. I forgot to give him tip. I wish if their could be another option to give tip to that guy.

11 March 2020 Amritsar

Love it..:)

11 March 2020 West Delhi

Flaberry services are just awesome. Here sitting in Delhi I have ordered holi gifts for one of my friend in Dehradoon. I am extremely delighted and thankful to Flaberry to deliver the gifts on time and also for all their coordination about this delivery. I wish all the best to entire team of Flaberry and a big thumbs-up.

11 March 2020 Dehradun

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