White Pothos Plastic Pot

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White Pothos Plastic Pot

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Pothos is a beautiful houseplant with a long-growing, leafy vine which trails freely. Pothos is tolerant of low light conditions and erratic watering and are high on the list of plants that can help purify indoor air.
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35 review(s) for Nurturing Green White Pothos Plastic Pot

  1. Bishakha

    great condition..very very healthy..go for it........

  2. Suresh

    it's a delightful experience to receive such a great service!

  3. Triveni

    plant in best condition..all leaves live and intact..happy customer

  4. Anthony

    Flaberry deserve the 5 Star for this plant

  5. Tanvi

    I was attracted with the picture and description on the product detail page....henceforth was enticed to get it yet it turned out to be actually similar to that.

  6. Kevin

    I am happy with the quality of plant

  7. Angel

    Looks great..Good packaging. Freshly delivered.

  8. Dipesh

    plant is growing very well

  9. Zaida

    Felt cheerful looking at the plant it was flawless during travel moreover

  10. Ahil

    Good Product

  11. Mitali

    They ensured the plant doesn't get harmed and the plant is also healthy.

  12. Myra

    Above all else, the packing of this plant was great.

  13. Jacob

    Looks incredible..

  14. Pratyusha

    at the point when you need to begin to look all starry eyed at indoor manors and dont have patienec to see a seed develop to work area plant...go for this !

  15. Mahesh

    Very impressive product

  16. Triya

    Would highly recommend it to plant lovers

  17. Bobby

    Freshly delivered

  18. Manya

    Received healthy plants. Ordered 3 plants and delivered the in seperate box in each plant

  19. Dhavak

    Good as we thought

  20. Vanya

    overall satisfied , will go for it .

  21. Falguni

    Great Quality Product is acceptable

  22. Ujaala

    "Plant was totally same when I received "

  23. Kashika

    Considering all that cost is a deal as it's a brilliant encounter to get such an extraordinary assistance!

  24. Ganga

    I received best plant...thanks Flaberry...

  25. Anushka

    Nice one

  26. Subramanyam

    I cherished this plant and I haven't tried to repot it quickly as I probably am aware the soil quality is excellent

  27. Hemani

    timely delivery, packing of the plants in their particular plants boxes

  28. Ojas

    I simply love the Flaberry service and would energetically suggest

  29. Jalsa

    everything was wonderful!

  30. Tulsi

    Perfectly packed, fresh plant and conveyed on time as referenced

  31. Yauvani

    Gotten in superb condition, glad to have the plant

  32. Vasatika

    growing gradually however looking beautiful..thanx Flaberry

  33. Bhaumik

    Leaves were green and a healthy plant

  34. Jaison

    The texture and freshness of leaves is aesthetically soothing. Nice. Love the plant, but they could have done better with the pot design.

  35. rashmi soni

    sent this to my mom for mothers day. was a little worried with the delivery, but it looks good. plant has about 50 green leaves and is healthy and strong. would highly recommend...you cant beat the price! and my mom was super happy with the plant and the beautiful pot

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