Mood Indigo

"If you're a fan of living large and want the best of all things for your partner too, make sure you leave no stone unturned to make their day! Since flowers speak volumes about your love and care for your significant other, we have a huge volume of flowers to say all the words unsaid and express all the feelings deep within. The Mood Indigo basket contains a total of 20 flowers each in the beautiful shades of red, pink, yellow, dark pink and baby pink, alongside a filler of beautiful China gypsies. So ponder no more and gift your significant other a bunch of 100 flowers that will give him or her a 100 more reasons to love you everyday! "

Mood Indigo

If you think the brightest of smiles can be seen only in a toothpaste ad, you've clearly never gifted a basket of roses to your special someone. A rewarding experience as this is something we suggest you witness with your own eyes. Gift your love a basket of roses and watch their smile dazzle brighter than the strongest sun on a peak summer day! And here we are not alluding to just any basket. The basket in question is Mood Indigo and it is one of the biggest and the best we have. It contains 20 roses each of the colours red, pink, yellow, dark pink and baby pink. Imagine a melting pot of a myriad hues, complementing each other to make an enthralling whole, that is exactly what the basket looks like. And believe us when we say, only your love can beat it's beauty! The basket is exceptional in it's intricate floral arrangement and has seasonal fillers to give pleasant company to a century of roses. And this splendor can be all yours! So what are you waiting for? Order your own Mood Indigo and lift the mood of your loved one today!
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white rose, orange rose, cane - round basket, red rose, yellow rose, pink rose,
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Each Item comes with a complimentary message card and item can be delivered at midnight

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