Lucky Bamboo 3 layer White ceramic Pot

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Lucky Bamboo 3 Layer in Ceramic Pot

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Native to Central Africa, the Dracaena sanderiana, or commonly called the lucky bamboo plant is a popular houseplant due to its association with luck and prosperity. Contrary to its name, the luck bamboo is not actually a bamboo plant but it is, in fact, a type of tropical water lily. It is a very beautiful plant which radiates positive energy and brings peace and harmony. The three stalks of the lucky plant represent Happiness, wealth and long life. It is one of the most low maintenance houseplants. It requires indirect sunlight so it can be kept anywhere inside the house. The lucky bamboo plant is a perfect household ornament to have as it is said to enhance the flow of positive energy in the space it is grown. Amidst this pandemic situation, while it is very hard to divert ourselves from the negativity around, the lucky bamboo can bring in just the right energy into the present dull atmosphere. The plant can either be grown in soil or in water; however, they live longer if grown in soil. If grown in water, it must be changed every 7 days. If you’re looking for a low maintenance plant which is said to bring positive energy to your quarters, search no more! The bamboo plant brings with itself the much needed good luck and is just the right escape from the monotonous routine you’ve been accustomed to. It is also a perfect gift for your friends, family and the ‘special someone’ who are quarantined away from you. It is an adorable gesture to gift your loved one with happiness and peace, especially in these gloomy times. This plant brings the right amount of balance in the atmosphere is known to energize and bring harmony to your homes.
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3 layers lucky bamboo with ceramic pot,

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34 review(s) for Lucky Bamboo 3 layer White ceramic Pot

  1. Pritam's amazing plant, sun is not required

  2. Brijesh

    Pot was of good quality

  3. Shivani

    Nice Product

  4. Jugni

    Five star for the healthy plant received.

  5. Anish

    5 stars for the lovely plant

  6. Krisha

    plant is doing nice, growing well

  7. Afreen

    Safely delivered..... no damage, no drying of soil, all good so cheerful

  8. Kanchanprabha

    Flaberry is the best. Very good service

  9. Shubh

    Very beautiful plant received

  10. Aavesh

    Satisfied with soil quality.... packaging was pretty good

  11. Rakesh

    Super fast delivery

  12. Aachman

    very happy with the plant and packaging was awesome, I can feel that some excellent plant lover has packed it

  13. Shikha

    it is so convenient to buy

  14. Sanchi

    Very satisfied with the quality of plants & the packaging. Second time experienced from Flaberry.

  15. Pinky

    Highly recommended for the people who wants to buy plants online

  16. Usha

    Well shipped and plant as shown in Pic

  17. Sudha

    the plants arrived in expected date

  18. Saurabh

    delivered fresh plant

  19. Binod

    My Brother Loved the product

  20. Noorani

    Nice and healthy plant

  21. Sukanya

    it was very healthy , the package was also great!!

  22. Kamya

    My plant is growing very nicely

  23. Rinky

    The plant came in a cute pot

  24. Abhayananda

    Packed Amazingly

  25. Neetu

    It's really value for money

  26. Shubh

    Very beautiful plant received

  27. Reshma

    5 star for the packaging.

  28. Kanta

    Price and quality is good

  29. Kanishka

    Received healthy plant. No damage to plants.

  30. Karthigan

    Very Good...Only lighting is enough at any conditions even room light is enough for this plant.

  31. Minshu

    Superb Service

  32. Kalpana

    it is looking nice

  33. Ayushi

    Plant absolutely fine and fresh.

  34. Prem

    It's my first experience in online Plant buying... very ease to place the order

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