Love is Sweet

Nothing spells lovze more clearly than a rose and what is even better than a rose? A tower of roses ofcourse! Keeping this in mind, we have brought just the perfect gift for you to give to your loved on on their birthday or your anniversary! Our special basket named Love is Sweet contains a whole of 27 fresh and vibrant red roses in all their majestic glory, arranged in the shape of a winding tower that looks like a dream and will serve as a beautiful reminder you of fairytale romance. It comes in a basket with seasonal fillers to add to its charisma and is just the perfect gift to pamper your lover with! So wait no more and order now because if Love is Sweet, so is our basket!

Love is Sweet

Love is sugar, spice and everything nice. When someone brings bucket-loads of love, happiness and joy to your life, don't let them go empty-handed. Give them a reason to smile because the loveliest person in your life deserves to be treated like a queen! How you ask? Well, gift them the beautiful Love is Sweet basket and watch them go over the moon! This basket contains a whole of 27 brilliant red roses to match the dazzle of your relationship. The fragrant roses come intricately arranged in a pretty basket with seasonal fillers to complement their charm. This exceptional design makes sure the love of your life gets a gift that is miles away from the usual simple, mundane bouquets and is just as amazing and unique as they are. This basket is now on sale at the special discounted price just for you! More than hundreds of lovers have already gifted this to their other halves and made their day. Be it their birthday or your anniversary, don't miss out on this chance to show that you care. So what are you waiting for? Book your very own Love is Sweet basket now and give your special someone an even bigger reason to smile!
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Each Item comes with a complimentary message card and item can be delivered at midnight

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