Lime & Lemon Syngonium

The Syngonium Lemon-lime plant comes with very bright green leaves with intricate white veins that give it the lemon-lime look and goes perfectly against dark-coloured walls and with almost any furniture. It looks its best in hanging baskets. Whilst being the perfect plant to add the necessary splash of brightness into the room it also comes with perks of being low on maintenance and a natural air purifier. It is known to be a hard-to-kill plant as it thrives on low light and little water. Having a natural air purifier around, you no longer have to worry about unhealthy air that you and your family might be breathing in. Get your lemon-lime plant delivered with an intricately crafted jute basket, straight to your door. The Plant will be delivered in 3-4 days as its sent by Bluedart courier

Lime & Lemon Syngonium

The Syngonium Lemon-lime, with its interesting foliage of white veins on a bright green background, is an excellent choice of indoor plant as it not only just fits perfectly into your natural home décor but also purifies and cleans the air at your home. It is an irresistible plant and also comes with the perk of being low on maintenance hence it does not crave your attention so much and tolerates negligence from your side. It is said to be a hard-to-kill plant as it survives even in low light and little water. This plant requires partial to full shade locations to grow at its best. Energizing your day, it enhances your mood and emits gleeful vibes. Along with cleaning and freshening the air around you the Syngonium lemon-lime plant is also very attractive to look at and feel relaxed. If you want a buddy to drink your evening tea with, this is the one! The lemon-lime texture goes right with darker shades of paint and almost any furniture. It usually looks its most elegant self in hanging baskets. This adds the perfect aesthetic to your room.
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