Hybrid Syngonium Chilli

This luscious and attractive Syngonium chilli indoor plant is a great choice for small centrepieces on side-tables. It is a low-maintenance indoor plant with lovely heart-shaped leaves exhibiting dramatic hues of the colour green giving your living room the perfect step-up. Its air purifying properties brings daybreak freshness inside the comfort of your home. Having packed beautifully in a bamboo pot, the product will be delivered at your doorstep. The Plant will be delivered in 3-4 days as its sent by Bluedart courier

Hybrid Syngonium Chilli

The chilli syngoniums are both attractive and easy to grow indoor plants with dramatic hues of green and are excellent choices for coffee tables, side tables and other surfaces. This slow growing plant requires low maintenance and brings the required amount of greenery to your interior décor. As per the feng shui, it is a perfect indoor plant as it purifies the air inside the house leaving behind fresh and clean air for your family to breathe in. One of its many perks is its versatility; you can decide if you would like to grow it into a compact bushy plant or let it creep up a moss stick. Its amazing foliage and lovely heart-shaped leaves give the perfect finish to your home décor. This plant energizes your day with clean and fresh air and radiates the positive energy required to brighten up your tiring day and you tend to remain positive and calm throughout the day.
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