Grafted Ficus 5 Years Old

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Grafted Ficus 5 Years Old in Ceramic Pot


The Grafted Ficus, an exquisite bonsai roots from the family of mulberry plants (Moraceae). The tree emits an exotic and tropical feeling. It is optimum to grow indoors, in a bright corner. The Grafted Ficus species of bonsai is a beginner's best friend since it is extremely easy to care and look after. This beautiful bonsai grows luscious oval-shaped leaves and has elegant, glossy foliage. It has a thick trunk with exposed roots, making it more exotic, tropical and beautiful. This indoor bonsai is a perfect gift, window plant and lovely decor. It symbolizes strength and is very meaningful. They have a life span of up to 1000 years and are very tolerant plants. It can very forgivingly condone negligence in care. The Grafted ficusses are fast-growing and love warmth. It is a great choice for beginners and extremely adaptable
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31 review(s) for Grafted Ficus 5 Years Old

  1. Wahida

    Delivered today, very good quality.

  2. Deena

    At the point when I opened the box I was stunned at how well this plant was bundled and how sound they all are.

  3. Uday

    "Amazed us with safe and sound delivery "

  4. Taizeen

    Truly Durable Plant To A Wide Range Of Conditions

  5. Pradeep

    Seems To Be Nice Plants.

  6. Devki

    Exactly the same what I wanted

  7. Vachaspati

    Healthy plants.... Packed perfectly!!

  8. Sabarinathan

    Great Plant For A Green Gift

  9. Vachan

    Wow.....That's a good deal.

  10. Sylvia

    Very good experience. will order again

  11. Chiranjeevi

    The condition of the delivered plant was good.

  12. Udar

    Flexible plant that can be kept in bright or semi-conceal situations

  13. Malaika

    "Good experience. "

  14. Tahir

    Elegant, and easy to grow plant

  15. Udayachal

    Good service by Flaberry

  16. Taj

    I Really Like Flaberry Live Plants And Wish To Order More In Future

  17. Wajeeh

    Thr packing was good when received..

  18. Pamela

    I just love this plant

  19. Sabhya

    This Plant looks so beautiful.

  20. Amit

    "Excellent Packaging. Healthy Plants. Thank You Flaberry. "

  21. Bahram

    You will become hopelessly enamored ! love it

  22. Henry

    "I've purchased many of these and are becoming quite well.

  23. Pallu

    We would buy more plants after the delivery of these plants.

  24. Wadee

    Very nice plant

  25. Franky

    All of the leaves are green and fresh

  26. Ayesha

    Quality of plant is satisfactory. Plant is healthy.

  27. Basha

    Giving the review after weeks of perception. It is really good and healthy

  28. Saakshya

    Looks beautiful and I Have Never Seen Anything Like This Before

  29. Vaibhav

    This was my first buy and will keep buying. Thanks Flaberry:)

  30. Paramveer

    "Good, Awsome Idea for online delivering plants"

  31. ANURAG

    I have one of this exotic plant its AWESOME!!! Good work guys, love this plants.

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