Roses and Bear

Red roses are a universal symbol of love and commitment and where there is love, we believe there should be roses to celebrate it! To help you do this, we have created our special Roses and Bear bouquet set containing a whole of 50 farm fresh red roses that come with the most adorable and soft 12 inch teddy bear for company! So you can always send them a cuddly bear to hug and fragrant roses to aid in curing all their blues with the freshest of aroma! So don't wait anymore and click on the Buy Now button right away!

Roses and Bear

If there is any flower that is unanimously agreed upon as the established symbol of love, it is a rose. Over the centuries, the most ardent of lovers have confessed their feelings with ample help from roses. Roses have also graced marriage ceremonies and found their way into women's hairstyles to magnify their beauty manifold on special occasions. So it is no wonder that through the centuries, roses have established themselves as the ultimate harbingers of beauty and romance. To give these magnificent flowers their due, we have come up with the special Roses and Bear bouquet containing 50 designer red roses. To make matters even more special, we have also added a 12 inch, soft and plushy teddy bear to bring in that extra dose of cuteness.Although the teddy shown in the image is indicative in nature and the actual teddy which will be delivered might be slightly different than the one shown in picture, rest assured that we will never compromise on the quality. So, this is an opportunity you should not miss out on, so order now and make the most of this lovely deal!
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We’re sourcing responsibly grown blooms directly from our farms. It’s a radical approach with your happiness at the helm.

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