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'There are times when actions come out wrong or words are taken the wrong way. People are misunderstood or often enough, people unintentionally hurt someone and no amout of words are enough to express how apologetic one truly is. The gentle heart is what is hurt and takes the most amout of pain and so extra effort should be put in simply to mend the wounds made to that sensitive piece of that brings out all the emotions and grief it takes. When words are not enough and it is an action that has hurt someone, it is renewed efforts into righting that effort that counts. So double the hardwork behind the action that will remedy and reconcil you with your friend, lover or family. These actions should practically sream your apology and how truly sorry you are. Be it massive bouquets of flowers ranging from roses, carnations, lilies to tulips, daisies and orchids, remember the bigger the better. One shold not be miserly or act poorly when it comes to apologising. After all, one has to stand tall and be the better man who is gracious enough to accept his mistake and make attempts to fix it. Another gift that is known to be a heart warmer is a big hamper full of goodies that will warm the heart and soften the hurt one is feeling. Be it bundles of chocolates or chocolates with stuffed animals, either way, the cuteness of the gift and the gesture in general should be enough to melt that hurt heart. What are you waiting for then ? Start making amends and bridge that gap !!'

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Nice and good commitment to deliver the products as per customer priority

21 January 2020 Bangalore

Awesome quality of the products and commitment to delivery the items on customer priority

21 January 2020 Visakhapatnam


21 January 2020 Ahmed Nagar

Thanks for timely delivery

19 January 2020 Pune

Good customer service, good supporting flaberry team. Overall best experience.

15 January 2020 Muzaffarpur

Good customer service, good supporting flaberry team. Overall best experience.

17 January 2020 Muzaffarpur

Fresh Flowers and on time delivery

10 January 2020 Thane


18 January 2020 Jalandhar

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