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Our Blueberry cakes are the show-stealer

Most of the times we end up ordering chocolate or vanilla cakes. We do this mostly because we are afraid of trying out new flavours in cakes. What if they are not as good as the basic ones? What if its all money waste? But with us, you do not have to worry about all this at all. At our shop, our bakers only produce cakes that are rich in flavours and those that leave everyone finger-licking forever. With our team, you no longer have to worry about experimenting at a risk, we will make sure to perfect it for you. So, the next time you head out to purchase your favourite flavour in cakes from our store, you know what to pick for yourself. The unique addition of blueberry in the cake, the delicious flavours and irresistible aroma make our blueberry cake a complete standout. Premium blueberry delight and Blueberry mania are some of the most delicious blueberry cake flavours to choose from.

Believe in our standout delivery services

It is daunting to imagine running to and FRO for a cake. Amidst all the work at the office and action-packed routine at home, it is almost impossible to imagine running errands, right? We know how difficult this gets for you which is why we chose to provide free hand delivery services for best experience. Our team introduces a host of delivery men at your service who will make sure to deliver services to your doorstep in no time. With our speedy delivery, you never have to worry about not receiving your products on time. Whether it is midnight or an early morning, we are available for you all the time. So, now count on us with blinded eyes as we are going to be there for you no matter what it takes.

We are here for you in India

Our delivery services are not limited to a few cities in India. In fact, we cover the whole lot. Our delivery services extend to cities like Jaipur, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. We also provide our services in Hyderabad, Lucknow and Kolkata for best services. So, now whether you go for a vacation in the country or shift permanently to another city, we will keep connected with you without a second thought. More so, our affordable, reliable and unconventional services will be at your doorstep every time you ask for it. Can it get any better?

Order your favourite products today

Don’t keep waiting for the best to come to you. Get up and grab it for yourself. At our shop, we believe in this motto and that is what fosters us to help you out in the best manner that we can. Our services are available for you every time you want it so that you can enjoy your favorite products without any hesitation. Now, all you have to do is tap on to our website at to shop our products. Shop from a range of exotic flowers, assorted chocolates, delicious cakes, plants and even corporate gifts as you like. Add them to your cart and purchase them at the best prices. You can also win a complimentary gift card with each purchase. So, hurry up. Throw all your worries in the backseat and enjoy services that standout like never before. We promise; you will love it!