Weave your Net


5 Red and 5 Baby Pink Roses, 1 Stem of Pink Asiatic fully bloomed,5 pink Gerberas and 2 White or Pink Gladiolus foliage with green fillers in a small Basket.


Rekindle your love life with the beautiful Flaberry “Weave Your Net” bouquet. The product is specially designed from the best of the flowers. The bouquet consists of 5 pieces of delicate baby pink roses, 5 pieces of stunning red roses, 1 stem of exquisite pink Asiatic lilies fully bloomed (expecting 2 fully bloomed flowers per stem, thus at least 2 lilies), 5 pieces of heavenly pink gerberas, and 2 pieces  of white or pink gladiolus foliage. The flowers are arranged in a basket and adorned by the seasonal fillers (offering similar looks). Order the bouquet now at the best available price!
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