Voice Message

Flaberry, with its technology partner mCupid has come up with a unique offering for its users - voice messages. 

Voice message is basically a new way to send message to your loved ones which is more personal, more emotional, more natural and obviously more joyful. Now, while booking your order with Flaberry you can select the "checkbox" for voice message and provide sender and receiver numbers for FREE-. Once the payment is successful your sender number and receiver number are registered with the mCupid service and you can dial +91 8010386062  and record your name and message over the call. Reciever will recieve an instruction to dial on the same number once he/she recieves the order and then he/she will be able to hear the message from you in your voice and in your unique style & language. 

How to use? 
1. Select "Voice Message" checkbox on the Orders Cart Page. You will not be charged for the same
2. Please enter Sender's & Receivers 10 digit Mobile Number in the space provided. 
3. Complete your order by proceeding with checkout and finishing the payment. 
4. On successful payment, your (sender's) and the person whom you are sending gift to (receiver's) mobile number are registered with this service. 
5. You will receive recording instructions in mail from us after payment is successful. User will get 2 hours(from the time you get confirmation mail) to record the message. The duration of the message which can be recorded is 5 minutes. 
6. As per instructions: Dial +91 8010386062 and record your name and message over the call. The message can be heard only by the receiver's mobile number registered with us which he/she can listen by dialing the aforesaid number i.e+91 8010386062. You have two hour time to record the message but you can try as many times before confirming the message. 
7. Recipient will get the instructions on the message card to receive the message (similar instruction as above).

Why it's great? 
Personal Touch:You can now provide your message in your own voice. 
Emotional Touch:You can use any language you want to. Imagine the joy of wishing your loved one in your native language. 
Private & Confidential:Your message can be heard only by the person whose phone number you provide in the recipient. 

.. There is no dearth of reasons why this is a great service... ! 

Select Voice Message Now and further add to the surprise element !!! 

** Standard Charges Apply for all the calls made to +91 8010386062

Happy Gifting!

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