Pink Cactus

The Pink Cactus is a mutant variety of one the most famous houseplants, the cacti. Like any cacti, the pink cactus requires minimal care and thrives in warm climates. The attractive pink buds atop the cacti gives a lively soft glow to any room it is kept in. It adds the fairytale look to the room. Packaged with care in a lovely jute basket, this cactus is a must have for all those plant lovers out there who desire a happy touch to their homes or workplace. It is delivered directly to your doorstep. The Plant will be delivered in 3-4 days as its sent by Bluedart courier

Pink Cactus

The Pink cactus or the grafted moon cactus, botanically named Gymnocalycium mihanovichii is a mutant variation of the original cactus with pink blooms on top a taller green base. This mutant variety completely lacks chlorophyll and hence expose thee pink pigmentation. Since these cacti lack chlorophyll they acquire it from other Cactaceae, usually Hylocereus, onto which it is grafted. This combined arrangement is called moon cactus. It will give a soft yet bright splash of pink to your fairytale dream house. It is a perfect houseplant which will give a very pretty and elegant look. If you wish to decorate your house as one of those fantasy-homes, then this is the right choice. The pink cactus, like any other cacti, require the most minimal efforts and survives in a warm climate. These lovely succulents are the best gifts to your special someone as the colour pink generally expresses the emotion of love. It comes in a well-crafted jute pot which adds to the aesthetic of the room it is kept in.
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