Nurturing Green Lucky Bamboo Two Layer Big Sqaure Pot


Nurturing Green Lucky Bamboo Two Layer Big Sqaure Pot

Every gardening enthusiast is fond of a Lucky Bamboo plant and wish to have it in their garden. The plant balances metal, wood, water, fire and earth in the ambience. The plant is two-layered, which is a traditional symbol of happiness, wealth and health. Moreover, every new green leaf that grows brings luck and prosperity to the owner. Caring tip 1: The plant can be watered alternatively and water should be chlorine free Caring tip 2: The plant should not be kept under direct sunlight Material: Natural Plants & Glass Pot Plant color: Green Pot color: Transparent Pot Dimensions: Length - 3 Inches Breadth - 3 Inches Height - 3 Inches Plant Height: 6 Inches
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