Hybrid Syngonium Combo

The Syngonium is low maintainence, hard to kill plant which is a must have for every home or office. It is very beneficial to our daily lives, it acts as a very efficient air purifier and helps suck harmful pollutants from the air we breathe in. It’s lovely, green arrow shaped leave gives just the right touch of aesthetic required in your daily life and is sure to brighten up any household or office it is in by giving it a happy touch. They will thrive and grow anywhere there is low light. Even more, the plant keeps evolving and changing its appearance, so you can never get bored looking at it! If you have someone special in your life you want to thank, this is the perfect gift for them. It comes in a handcrafted pot paired with a chocolate bar delivered where ever you want it. The Plant will be delivered in 3-4 days as its sent by Bluedart courier

Hybrid Syngonium Combo

The Syngonium, or more commonly known as the Goosefoot, nephthytis or Syngonium podophyllum is an air purifying plant, Native to tropical rain forests in the West Indies, southern Mexico, and central and South America. These plants serve more than aesthetic purposes, they act as an air purifier and are great anti pollutants to cleanse the impure air around us. Considering the amount of pollution we see in our everyday life, it’s safe to say that these plants are a necessity in our homes and office spaces. These plants require minimal care and best grow in areas with low light. It is advised to clean their leaves every fortnight due to dust accumulation, but other than that, they are extremely low maintenance plants with high benefits. This plant emits happy vibes and gives a fresh start to your day, it is a must-have for every plant lover. It comes in a beautiful, intricately designed pot. It also makes a perfect gift for a loved one, not only does it show how thankful you are for them it also adds a beautiful green touch to their lives and it comes paired with a tasty dairy milk chocolate delight!
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hybrid syngonium indoor plant, dairy milk silk (65 gms),
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