Ficus 3 year old Bonsai Combo

A bonsai plant such as the ficus microcarpa is the perfect houseplant to gift a loved one, or if you just want to add a green touch to your office or home. It now comes with the sweetness of chocolate which is sure to satisfy your sugar cravings. Requiring minimal care, it is the best plant for a first-timer or for anyone who just does not have enough time to take care of a plant. However, the ficus does more than just light up a room, it helps in absorbing harmful chemicals from the air and making it safer to inhale. This plant has been proven to be a stress buster, so it makes it the perfect companion to have after a long stressful day. If you do decide to order this plant, it comes in an intricately handcrafted jute pot lined by polystyrene blocks on the inside, carefully packed with a delicious chocolate bar and delivered right at your doorstep The Plant will be delivered in 3-4 days as its sent by Bluedart courier

Ficus 3 year old Bonsai Combo

Miniature versions of normal-sized objects always find a way to impress people. The bonsai plants are no exception. A bonsai is a miniature version of full-sized trees which now comes with the sweetness of Cadbury Dairy Milk SIlk. The ficus microcarpa, also known as the Malayan Banyan, Indian laurel, curtain fig, or gajumaru, is a tree in the fig family Moraceae. It is native to the Caroline Islands in Australia and tropical Asia. The ficus microcarpa has lovely evergreen foliage and requires very little care, which makes it perfect for a busy home or for a beginner in houseplant care. It thrives best in indirect sunlight and areas away from high winds. This plant does more than just being aesthetically pleasing, it helps in clearing the air by absorbing harmful gases. It is the ideal plant to add a little colour to your home or office. It comes in a carefully handcrafted jute pot, packed with immense care and delivered right at your doorstep as soon as possible. It makes a perfect gift for your loved ones as it comes with a delicious and creamy dairy milk chocolate bar.
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