Ficus 2 year old Bonsai Combo

This 2 year old ficus now comes with the sweetness of Cadbury Diary Milk SIlk. It is a popular indoor plant which symbolizes togetherness, harmony and strength. It is a captivating plant with oval-shaped leaves and glossy foliage and comes with a thick trunk and exposed roots which makes it more exotic in nature. This ficus plant easily adapts to the environment and are very tolerant plants. This summer, add a ficus plant to your home decor and fall in love with the aesthetic and elegant look of the room. This beautiful plant comes in an exquisite jute pot. Taking care of this plant is known to help develop essential values and etiquettes required in life like patience, commitment, appreciation and gratefulness. It is an amazing gift to friends and family as they get a combination of nature's soothing aura and sweetness of their favorite chocolate at the same time. On ordering this plant will be carefully packaged to ensure the safety of the plant and the customer and will be delivered to you at your doorstep. The Plant will be delivered in 3-4 days as its sent by Bluedart courier

Ficus 2 year old Bonsai Combo

Bonsai is a cultivation technique that is used to produce miniature version of a full-size tree. The Grafted Ficus is an exquisite bonsai roots from the family of mulberry plants and is very lovely indoor plant as it emits an exotic and tropical feeling. This captivating plant now comes with the sweetness of Cadbury diary milk silk and is prfect to gift to your relatives and friends for an occasions or just simply to sppreciate their existence in your lives. It is optimum to grow indoors in a bright corner. This bonsai created by the process of grafting the ficus over the root of macrocarpa where two different entities are joined. The Grafted Ficus species of bonsai is a beginner's best friend since it is extremely easy to care and look after. This beautiful bonsai grows luscious oval-shaped leaves and has elegant, glossy foliage. It has a thick trunk with exposed roots, making it more exotic, tropical and beautiful. This indoor bonsai is a perfect gift, window plant and lovely decor. It symbolizes strength, togetherness and harmony and hence is very meaningful. They have a life span of up to 1000 years and are very tolerant plants. It can very forgivingly condone negligence in care. The Grafted ficusses are fast-growing and love warmth. It is a great choice for beginners and extremely adaptable
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