NG Raksha Bandhan Gift Lucky Bamboo Cage Combo

Lucky bamboos are perhaps the most popular houseplant in the world, for Its appealing, elegant and easy to grow nature. Our Cut Leaf lucky bamboo is not only reputed to bring good fortune, but unlike other lucky bamboo plants they are grown in soil and manure making it even more long lasting. Low cost , high quality (AA grade) and easy maintenance make our lucky bamboo best green gift and an ideal option for home/office decor.

Dimension are as follows : Diameter= 3.5 Inches; Pot Height = 4; Plant Height above Pot = 5

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Caring Instructions

1. Change the water every 15th day 2. DO the pruning of old leaves and stem which turn yellow regularly to avoid fungal activity. 3. DO the pruning of roots 3 times a year using normal scissors. 4. Consider the lowest ribbon as a water level indicator.


, "1. DON?T use chlorine water(usually tap water)as it kills the root. RO water is chlorine free and recommended. 2. DON'T over water or under water the plant. Ideally all roots should be submerged in water. 3. DON'T give direct sunlight otherwise the leaves will burn in summer , filterd light or morning sunlight is apt 4. Avoid temperature shock for better growth.