Missing You Badly


6 White and 6 Pink Lilies in Pink Crape Paper Wrapping


Distance is a cruel wedge between two hearts that are connected to each other. The feeling of reaching out but not finding a warm hand to hold, the sadness of not being able to see your loved ones' beautiful face in front of your eyes and missing your other half's bubbly laughter ringing in your ears can be very hard to deal with. Distance can cause a rift between the strongest of relationships if little things are not cared for. To help you overcome the boundaries of space, time and circumstances, we have the Missing You Badly bouquet. This thoughtful bunch contains 6 pristine white and 6 lovely pink lilies in a pink crepe paper wrapping. Even if your loved ones are not nearby, they can still feel the warmth of your presence through the embrace of these flowers and reminisce your familiar scent through the fragrance of these fresh blooms. So if you want to remind your loved ones how much you love them and how badly you miss them every single moment, do it with our Missing You Badly bouquet and remind them that you are always by their side!
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