Event Floral Services

Every occasion is a beautiful opportunity to create a more intimate relationship with different people. These events help us to form engaging relationships and cherish them in the years to come. All these mesmerizing events also help create lasting impressions and enable us to make memories forever. At Flaberry, we realize the significance of events in your life that drives us to enhance these celebrations for you by making them unforgettable. Our team thus offers its potential event floral services at your doorstep every time you are looking to make your event count among the best ones.

Welcome into our world of floral paradise

Flaberry is hands-down event floral service provider with an envious collection of flower arrangements. As one of the most trusted and leading florists in India, we strive to create a benchmark of our own by caring for our beloved clients in need. Our events floral service come at an affordable rate so that you can make the most of our services without further ado. We also one of the most reliable and unconventional florists who make sure to stand out like no other. With our unique services, we leave no stone unturned in making all your moments worth remembering forever. Our team of experts are certified and make sure to bring nothing but the best for you. Each member of our team is efficient and driven by the zest to make this company reach new heights for you. No matter what event it is, we will be there at your doorstep with one kind floral service. Thus, our decorations are known all across India.

Your life-Saver for Every Event

We provide the most spectacular team members to give your events the most luxurious décor ever. With our variety of fresh flowers, we keep in mind to make your event look like the palace of your dreams. Our exotic flower arrangement collection promises to deck up your space during any occasion of your choice. This way, we make it a point to leave every beholder awe-struck when they walk into your venue. Our exotic flower decorations are perfect for any occasion, no matter when you need them. For every event, we provide the most suitable flower decorations so that you do not have to worry about anything. Our exquisite services are perfect for all the times you want to throw the most stunning parties ever in town. So, hold your heart and introduce yourself to our luxe flower decorations right away. Whether it is Mehndi, Sangeet, Wedding or any other event, all you need to do is connect with us. We promise; we will be there for you without wasting any time. Throw all your worries in the backseat and wait for the magic to happen. It is going to be worth the wait. Count on us for any Occasion Every occasion requires the most stunning décor to attract guests like never before. An event should be such that; makes sure to leave a lasting impression on everyone who beholds it. Under our roof, we realize how much occasions matter to you in your everyday life. Such a thing is the reason why we make sure to provide diverse flower arrangements for every occasion. Whether it is a Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Sangeet or Reception, we are here for you no matter the need. Our team of experts avail themselves to give you the best flower arrangements you can ever have. With unique floral decorations, stylish flower arrangements and fresh floral services, we aim at making every day for you brighter and happier. We promise; our services are sure to make you bloom with joy no matter what. Since we offer a range of flower decorations for you, we leave nothing undone. Our team of expert professionals work night and day to introduce the latest flower decorations to help you create paradise on earth.

Some of the events that we focus on are


Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing. Since everyone wants a dream wedding, we make sure that we help them make this dream come true. With our hands-down event floral services, we make sure to turn any wedding into a dreamy one. The exotic flower arrangements and mesmerizing colour schemes leave no stone unturned in bringing the best to the table for you. As a result, our wedding services are the most beautiful you have ever seen. Our team keeps in mind to cater to personal preferences so that we can turn your big day into heavenly bliss. We do all of this at an affordable rate so that you have to face minimal hassle with us. Engagement Ceremony The engagement ceremony holds a tremendous amount of significance before each wedding. It is not just the union of two beautiful souls but the celebration of new beginnings. Since this day is such a vital part of your life, our team leaves no stone unturned in making it an even better one for you. With the most suitable kind of flower arrangements, we make sure to give your engagement ceremony a lasting décor that leaves the beholder in awe. With our floral services, your engagement venue is sure to look like a castle of dreams with no hindrance at all. We promise; we are the best for a reason!

Mehndi Ceremony

For most Indians, flower decoration during the mehndi ceremony is a must-have. As this is the day when families come together to celebrate the birth of new beginnings, it is essential to give the venue a loveable décor. Our team of professionals make sure to create the most beautiful floral decorations on your mehndi day so that you fall in love with your wedding all over again. With exotic flowers and fresh collections, we aim at giving a unique décor that makes everyone stop and stares forever. From roses, lilies, carnations to gerberas, we provide every flower decoration that you require from us.

Birthday Parties

Birthdays are an essential day for everyone. As you celebrate your growth and maturity, it calls for the best celebration each time. Thus, our professionals make sure to provide the best birthday decoration with the help of fantastic floral arrangements for you. These are available at the best prices so that you can make the most of it without any issue. So, why are you waiting? We also provide birthday flower bouquets with combination gifts for those who require it for gifting purposes. Thus, you can name the product. We have it for you.


Anniversaries are another beautiful day to celebrate the commitment and love between two people. For this, we provide the most exotic rose decorations to add a pint of romance to your celebrations. We also offer other exclusive floral decorations that suit your preferences. Since our services are affordable, we make sure to give you the best you can have without a pint of regret. So, why are you waiting? If you are looking for a refined anniversary décor for yourself, remember that we are here for you. With our devoted and diligent team of experts, we will leave nothing undone.

Sangeet ceremony

Sangeet decorations are a craze among Indian people. Since people love to click lots of pictures during these ceremonies, we make sure to provide vibrant floral decorations that help set the mood right for you. We engage the most beautiful colour schemes to create spectacular decorations for you. Bright and happy flower arrangements are used to spread freshness and fragrance throughout the venue. Such a thing is sure to create a lasting impression among your guests and make them appreciate you for a long. So, if you are looking to have nothing but the best at your wedding, you know we are here.

Baby Announcement

When a baby is born in the family, doesn’t it call for the biggest celebration ever? It doesn’t matter whether it is a boy or a girl; the feeling of having a child in itself is so happening. We understand how much you want to throw a lavish party for this reason. That is why our team of professional experts provide baby-friendly floral decorations that they are going to love. The mesmerizing colours of flowers and our exclusive variety are sure to enchant your baby like never before. So, if you are planning to throw a massive baby announcement party, you know you can count on us.

Six-month birthday

Do you know the feeling when your child completes six-months of their birthday? It is a priceless feeling. Since we know how much it means to you, we provide floral decorations for this event as well. Cakes are also a part of our decoration. From gerberas, lilies, roses, orchids to carnations, we offer everything that you will like from our store. Thus, our floral decorations come in handy whenever in need. So, if you are looking to celebrate your child’s six-month birthday, call us!

A variety of flowers to choose from

Our flower arrangement is not limited to a few flowers. We provide a massive range of flowers to give you the experience of a lifetime. The most beautiful range of flowers at our warehouse consists of Roses, Carnations, Lilies, Orchids and Gerberas. We also offer fresh Tulips and other flowers at our stop. At our company, all the flowers that we provide are fresh and full of fragrance so that you can have the time of your life. We also provide exotic flower bouquets, flower baskets, stylish glass vases, to a lot more. Our team also offers combination gifts with these flowers that include chocolate boxes, cute teddy bears and other products for your favourite moments. So, if you can’t wait to purchase these from us, do it right away. We are waiting for you! Connect with us So, do not keep waiting for anything. All you have to do is stay in touch with us so that we can help you out. Throw all your worries in the backseat and believe in us for nothing but the best for yourself. Our one-of-a-kind services are available for you whenever you need them. With our devoted team of experts, there is no reason for you to worry. Whether you have any queries or you want to know details about our products, all you have to do is connect with us now. The bottom line Under our roof, we make sure to do as we say. Since our beloved clients are our priority, we leave no stone unturned in making them feel cared for and loved. So, if you want to pamper yourself and make it the occasion to remember. Our team of professional experts brings the best to the table each month for you so that you can enjoy without a pint of guilt. So, why are you waiting? Come & connect with the best