Happy Fuzzies 55% Dark
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  • Delivered in 4 days across Delhi/NCR
  • Delivered in 7 business days outside Delhi/NCR
Darkins 55% cacao is a sweeter concoction in our dark chocolate offerings and is known for its sumptuous chocolate flavor with light woody and spicy overtones. Our small batch chocolate ensures cacao flavours that is intense, unadulterated & pure. The cacao varieties grown in India are selected for their flavour rather than yield.They are hand sorted and carefully crafted in order to achieve the best flavour. We make our chocolate using old-world methods of stone grinding to enhance the rich, natural flavors and texture of our bars. Our dark chocolate is made only with the best formed cacao, unrefined cane sugar and unrefined cacao butter, free of fillers & unnecessary ingredients to bring you these bean-to-bar gourmet chocolates. Unwrap your own and experience our signature chocolates.