Chocolate Hamper

We understand the Indian tradition of eating something sweet on special moments of our lives or just to celebrate relationships with our loved ones. The “muh meetha karao” tradition takes on a whole new level with the hamper we have curated for just such special occasions, with a range of chocolates that offers something for everyone. The Flaberry chocolate hamper consists of 5 pievces of Snickers, 5 pieces of Mars, 3 pieces of Toblerones- 50 grams, a box containing 16 pieces of Ferrero Rochers, a box of Cadbury rich dry fruits tin box. The package comes in a basket wrapped beautifully in red ribbons. Pamper your loved ones with this chocolate hamper, order now!

Chocolate Hamper

Big moments in life and special achievements need an even bigger celebration.  And to mark such celebrations we need an even special gift that would not only reflect the exuberance of those moments but also contribute in the felicity.  The Flaberry chocolate hamper mirrors the merriment of these occasions and is especially designed to make the day even more remarkable. The hamper appeals not only to the people who are sweet-toothed but with its range of chocolates would have something to offer to every soul. The hamper contains 5 pieces of Snickers, 5 pieces of Mars chocolate bars, 3 pieces of Toblerons- 50 grams, a box containing 16 pieces of Ferrero Rochers, a box of Cadbury rich dry fruits tin box. The whole package comes in a basket and is wrapped up with red ribbons, making it beautifully presentable. The hamper of joy deserves the celebration with hamper of a range of select chocolates. Celebrate the people in your life and convey to them that they and their achievements are sweeter than a magnanimous hamper of chocolates. Order yours now at a special discounted price of just Rs 2949 and add to the celebrations!
Items Included
kashmiri - round basket, 16 pc ferrero rocher box, lindt chocolates, snickers chocolate, mars chocolate, toblerone chocolate, cadbury rich dry fruits round tin ,
Perfect For
birthday apologies thank you anniversary just because others
Part Of
The Chocolate Collection


Each Item comes with a complimentary message card and item can be delivered at midnight

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