Bright Gerbera


Bunch of 10 Mixed Colored Gerberas.


Life is not black and white, neither the grey it may seem to be when you are down and depressed. Life is a festival of the brightest of colours- the blue sky, the green trees, the brown earth and all the colourful butterflies, flowers and rainbows that add all the lovely cheer in our lives! To celebrate the very beauty of the myriad of these colours and acknowledge the happiness they bring to our lives, we have created the freshly curated Bright Gerbera bouquet. This lovely bouquet contains a heady mix of the brightest of 10 gerberas that come in a combination of different colours like yellow, pink, red, white and orange to bring back the spark of all the colours that your life had been missing. These lovely flowers come tied in a bunch and can serve as an instant-mood-lifter for anybody! So if your significant other has been feeling rather low in your absence or if you need to bring a smile on someone's face on their birthday, this is a bouquet that can achieve it all. So what keeps you waiting? Get going and order a bouquet of Bright Gerbera and bring instant happiness to the lives of people close to your heart!
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