Zodiac gift for your Mother this Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is near and everyone is puzzled about what to gift and from where to gift. The day is marked to celebrate and express all the love and affection you have for your mother. The market is abundant with varied gifts. So, gift her something that she will admire inherently. In India, people heartily believe in horoscopes. The basic rule of astrology is that every individual has different and astonishing qualities. Your horoscope entails many interesting traits about your personality. So, why not this Mother’s Day pick a gift for your mother according to her horoscope?

You can foresee how interesting it would be to know some amusing facts about your dear mom’s personality and accordingly cherry-pick a memorable gift for her.

Aries – The Ram (21st March- 19th April)

Element – Fire

Let’s start with the Aries Mom, she is well known for raising a large brood. Being the first Zodiac sign, this woman is a natural leader with the instincts of a general. The element of fire nurtures this woman with boundless energy like a great warrior. This means, she keeps a hold on  everything and never gives up in a fight. Aries, is one of the most independent signs and her kids inherit this quality from their great mom. Whether, she has one child or ten, she maintains the line of respect with every child.



Gift for Aries Mother



Taurus – The Bull (20th April- 20th May)

Element – Earth

Second, is the down-to-earth, firm and determined Taurus mother. This Earth sign keeps her child secure indoors. But, she still wants her child to enjoy the beauty of nature and experience the outside world. As passionate as a bull, this mother is truly devoted to her kids. She keeps her kids grounded by engaging them in outdoor activities and focuses on one goal at a time. She knows how to solve life’s difficulties by being patient.


Gift for Taurus Mother



Gemini – The Twins (21st May- 20 June)

Element – Air

Intelligent and bright are the right words for the Twins sign mother. Likewise, her kids are also well-informed. Ruled by the planet mercury, Gemini mom’s are generally talkative and so are the kids. A Gemini mother is quite understanding of her kids and understands what her kids are going through in every phase of life.


Gift for Gemini Mother



Cancer – The Crab (21st June- 22nd July)

Element – Water

This mother is homely like her sign. She is attached to everything and that creates a warm and lovely environment for her kids. A common characteristic of this sign is emotional sensitivity, that means, she gives all her time to her kids and their priorities. This mother nurtures her relations with all the love and care in the world.


Gift for Cancer Mother



Leo – The Lion (23rd July- 22nd August)

Element – Fire

Among all the signs, the lion mom is the coolest. This fire sign is one of the strongest, but at heart she is childlike. The fire element makes her love adventures and plan the best birthday parties for her kids. She is also a generous mom. She wants her kids to be with her always.


Gift for Leo Mother



Virgo – The Virgin (23rd August- 22nd September)

Element – Earth

The Virgo mom, like her Earth sign is a multitasker. She has the best organizational skills that enable her to give her kids equal time along with other tasks. She like her surroundings and kids to be clean and tidy. She loves to support her kids in every way and make them feel comfortable in her company.


Gift for Virgo Mother



Libra- The Scales (23rd September- 22nd October)

Element- Air

This mom, like her sign is well-known to strike a balance in everything all through her life. The Libra mom loves peace and desires her kids to grow in peace and harmony. The air element of the sign has taught her the sense of fairness. That means, she will never do more than necessary in anything. She also teaches her kids to share, be righteous and be a good human being. Since, the ruling planet of the Scales mother is Venus, she is affectionate towards her kids.





Scorpio – The Scorpion (23rd October- 21st November)

Element – Water

The Scorpion mommy goes by her intuitions. Especially, when it comes to her kids she always follows her instinct and figures out if something goes wrong in their life. The water element makes her open and frank. That means, she doesn’t mind discussing anything with her kids. She is a loyal and protective mom and never lets anything wrong happen to her kids.


Gift for Scorpio Mother



Sagittarius – The Archer (22nd November- 21st December)

Element – Fire

The Archer sign mother is the most fun loving of all the Zodiacs. She always likes the atmosphere to be light and humorous. She wants her kids to enjoy their life and loves to entertain them any time. At home, she is the master and encourages her kids to see the good in themselves.


Gift for Saggitarious Mother



Capricorn – The Goat (22nd December- 19th January)

Element – Earth

The Goat mother is the perfect example of a working mom. This sign is career oriented and she easily manages her time well among her kids and other work. Although she is working, her kids will always be her priority. She remembers everything that is important to them and takes care of their demands. She also motivates her children to do better things in life.


Gift for Capricorn Mother



Aquarius – The Water Bearer (20th January- 18th February)

Element – Air

The Water Bearer mom loves to try different things in life. She can be a hippie, small business owner, community activist or the mayor of your community. More than school, she will teach her kids at home. But, the element of air makes her understand the suffering of others.


Gift for Aquarius Mother



Pisces – The Fish (19th February- 20th March)

Element – Water

The Fish sign mother is creative and is bound to raise artistic kids. She is charmed by the way her kids express themselves. She gets fascinated by this expression and encourages her kids to express more through different mediums including visual, clay, paint and drawing. She is compassionate and has a lot of sympathy for her kids.


Gift for Pisces Mother



Sometimes, in life, small gifts give more happiness. Through horoscopes, you can read and understand all about your beloved mother. This Mother’s Day, surprise your mother with these lovely gifts from Flaberry.com!

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